Friday, October 14, 2011

Yahoo it's Friday!

Someone from work called my cell phone this morning and was so angry for them disturbing me on my Saturday that I sent them straight to voicemail. And then realized it was Friday and felt like a dummy.

Luckily my Mom was in town so we got to eat lunch to shift my bummer of a day when I figured out that it was not in fact the weekend. We eat lunch at Souper Salad pretty close to once a week and know the entire staff there. Where else can we both eat lunch, stay on our diets AND they clean off Austin's bib when we are done. It's like salad heaven.

Austin has started dragging toys into the shower with us every morning. Keep in mind we only have one of those stall type showers so between the shampoo, soaps and toys...not to mention the toddler at my feet, we have VERY little room. But she has just about as much fun as she would at Water World so I can't find it in me to take that away from her, instead I stand in luke warm water up against the wall and watch as she catches the soap bubbles that run down my leg. I can only hope that by the time Lil' Bit is old enough to join in we have a different shower.

Lil' Bit is deathly afraid a strangers right now, if you try and hand her to someone she doesn't know she literally starts shaking and crying. I remember Austin being scared of guys but not really of everyone and I definitely remember her being older when she started being so frightened. It's still amazes me that two people can make two people that are so different. I have one Little Crystal and one Little Joe, which means I spend my days battling myself and kissing on baby Joe. :-)

I could have stabbed Joe this morning, luckily I couldn't find a sharp object. Our deal has always been I take care of the girls at night since he doesn't wake up EVER, and he takes them in the morning so I can one extra hour of sleep. Keep in mind for today's story that we both went to bed after midnight but I got up with Lil' Bit when she needed her pacifier and at 3AM for a feeding/pumping which total 1 full hour. So naturally when 7AM came around and Lil' Bit woke up I nudged Joe (thinking in my head of this deal we have worked out) and he shook his head and stated "I am entirely too tired to wake up now." Hmmm, what per say does that mean that your daughter should do? This comment made me laugh out loud, probably because I was furious and delirious but what ever. He rolled over and went back to bed and I got up with her. Ahhh, note to self...make sure I never sleep near a knife.

Oh yeah and here's Lil Bit laughing because it is just so stinking cute!

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