Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our new favorite type of vacation!

Our new favorite type of vacation is getting together as many friends as possible and traveling somewhere fun.  It turns out that it's quite successful to get a bunch of people to come if you promise laughter.  This last weekend we went to Glendo Wyoming to enjoy their lake and the sun with 30+ of our friends.  Here's some of the pictures that were taken.

The view off my parents boat, the lake gets so calm in the evenings.

Miss Tyler Mae helping Papa captain the boat.

That's Joe outside the wake at sunset.  Some of these pictures turned out so well that they should be part of Sea Ray's portfolio.

The girls got some wake boarding in too...well all of them that aren't currently growing babies in them. :-)

Charles brought up his pontoon - thank goodness too because we had way too many people to fit on the two power boats and one cabin cruiser.

Me and some of the girls, I am positive at this point we were laying around gossiping about something.

Yep that's Hoss...he and his family are moving back to Colorado, he was already back getting ready to start a new job on Monday so we drug him along with us.

That is pretty much everyone on the Lily Pad and tubes - what a great crowd.

Look at that pregnant belly sticking out.  Pretty sure it won't be contained by the end of the summer which will lead to some interesting tan lines.

Nate jumping the wake.

I love how massive my parent's boat looks.  Here there are at the port of entry to Wyoming going through inspection and decontamination.

Hoss driving the boat at sunset.

Look at that face!

People were having fun jumping off cliffs while we back in that cove.

And last but not least when you mix sun and fun with Gram and Papa's big boat inevitably you will find someone taking a nap.  Here's Brooke and her new 4 month old daughter Eilee.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The lake

The lake has become a big part of our lives in the last two years so we were super excited to share it with the Neulieb's when they came out.  Here are a couple of the pictures that I snapped and oddly enough it turns out that it isn't that stressful to have 6 kids on a boat.