Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snow Day

We got a lot of snow here in Colorado yesterday, of course in true Colorado fashion it is already melting away today. But that made for a perfect snow day yesterday, one where the girls stayed in their PJ's pretty much all day and I slow cooked some meat for shredded tacos. Here are some pictures of our day.

Joe donated his old phone to Austin so she can play games on it, here are the girls watching Baby Girl play

Lil' Bit decided that she was hungry during her nap so I went in to give her a bottle and when my back was tired of leaning over the crib I let go and she held on. I thought it was too cute not to snap a picture.

Austin wanted to see the snow so she put on my hoodie and went outside with Dad, here is the little Ewok playing with the snow on our patio.


Anne said...

I LOVE those girls!!!! Thanks for the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hey! My family had tacos tonight too! Although mine wasn't slow cooked. You're such a good cook Crystal. The girls are looking cute as ever too.