Monday, October 24, 2011

Marmee's Gift

We don't really get Fall or Spring in Colorado, really we just have Summer and Winter and they seem to overlap at various points. Today it will be a high of 80 degrees and on Wednesday it will be 30 with dumping snow. So when Marmee (Carole) sent Austin these AMAZING dried leaves from Indiana I knew we had to do something awesome with them. J and I love do any type of crafts so I drug her in on this one and away we went.

Here's Austin crazy excited about being able to paint her hands without being in trouble.

The TV tray we decided to make with the sheet all laid out and paint everywhere already.

The TV tray after we put down Austin's hand prints and the gorgeous leaves.

Austin getting more and more messy. Now she is painting her arms, waiting until it dries and then peeling it off. A true right of passage for a child.

Lil' Bit watching from the Lamby just wishing she could get her hands on anything.

We decided to Mog Pog the whole tray so the writing surface would be smooth for Austin. Well we were surprised to say the least when we dumped it on and it was completely white. Hopefully it dries clear or J and I went to 3 hours worth of trouble for a good laugh.

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Anne said...

What a cool idea, Crystal! It looks great too!! Fun, fun, fun!