Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Jackson gets up once a night and then once in the morning.  So on a normal night he gets up between 2-4 and then again 2-3 hours later.  Last night I was up at 2AM and then again at 5AM and then up at 7 for my day, it completely wipes me out, if I could get to bed earlier than midnight it might not be so bad but wow....Mama is sleepy.  My vocabulary is the first to go, if you have spoken to me recently, I am sorry.  I spend a lot more time than necessary finding the right words, only to fall back on just describing what I mean.  It's like speaking to a scatterbrained Porky the Pig.

It's beautiful here today so we went outside during my lunch break, I think Jackson will become a lover of the outdoors...he couldn't keep his eyes off the trees and the sky.  All snug in his first trip out in the front pouch.

The girls are extremely good at including him whenever I will let them, like playing the iPad here.

My crack cocaine. I LOVE sleeping babies.  This is his spot every night after we put the girls down.

Ol' Edward Scissor hands has been cutting up his face pretty good but look at that happy baby...completely not phased by the gash on his cheek.

Remember this "kid comparison" that my Mom did of me, Tadd, Austin and Tyler.  Holy smokes Jackson is like a little bit of all of us.

Well, and some of his father thrown in there.  Perhaps Joe and I look enough a like that it creates these little people that look so much like the both of us.

Austin loves being his big sister including (and almost especially) when he is upset.  Here he is fussing and she is bouncing him on her lap. She takes her job very seriously, which makes me happy...I may be a lot of things to a lot of people but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am a good big sister.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

This and that...

I started back at work last Friday.  I can't believe it has already been 6 weeks.  Joe happened to come home early that day and caught me mid pity party, if he had been home in the evening as usual I am sure I would have pulled it together but no.  So my new boss is more of a hands on type of person whereas my old boss I never spoke to, I logged on Friday and went about my day as usual...until my boss sent me an email asking if I was in fact working because he hadn't seen anything from me all day.  Hmmm.  Keep in mind he hadn't sent me an email that needed a response or anything, instead I think he was attempting to check in but used the wrong verbiage.  I took this as a direct attack (probably a little over the top) on my integrity.  It's been better at work since then but I am still pretty well exhausted at the end of each day.

Jackson is doing well, growing like a little weed...however he is super sensitive to gas pain.  One burp stuck and the neighbors know about it.  Joe swears that he is more sensitive than the girls were but I think that's our "parent amnesia" kicking in - the same one that allows you to forget labor pains. ;-)

Just look at that little face...how can you stay upset with him? :-)

His cheeks are starting to comfortably rest of his chest.

His room all done (well nearly, I haven't hung up anything yet...apparently I keep running out of time).  The crib all back together after I refinished it and the wall that was suppose to be grey and looks more green.

Some of you may remember Joe's lion...one of my next projects to refinish.