Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Night

The girls slept in the same room last night they both went down at 8 and both woke up at 7:30 with Lil' Bit eating once at 5:45. It was AMAZING! And while I don't want to jinx anything in thinking that every night will be like last night I was pretty darn happy with the outcome.

I have started to limit the amount of TV that Austin watches or should I say not allowing the TV to be on in the background. She doesn't watch much but asks for it all the time and just like any oppressive parent figure...once a child asks for something they must want it too much so I take it away. Obviously that is a slight exaggeration but I just worry now that she notices that it is on in the background that it will do more harm then good.

Speaking of harm, I broke my back and sweat the good fight putting in that stupid crib bumper and then read 15 minutes later that the Association of Pediatricians recommends the removal of bumpers due to suffocation and SIDS related deaths. Don't want to test that fate so ripped the sucker back out.

Oh yeah and two days ago Lil' Bit rolled over from her back to her stomach. I set her down in the living room and when I came back she was rolling over to reach a toy just out of reach. Last night I captured it on film but the video was SO dark that I am too embarrassed to post it. I swear we paid the light bill, I have no idea why it looks like we live in a cave.

And Austin wearing one of my hats...just too cute not to post. I feel a future snowboarder!


Laurasuz said...

Austin looks exactly like you!

That's great the first night went so well! Does Austin wake up when you go in to feed Tyler?

Crystal said...

Nope she doesn't wake up, but I just grab Lil' Bit and bring her in the office to feed her so we aren't in there long. Re-swaddle her, plug her in and drop her off in the crib. So far seems to be working...albeit I have the basinet still in our room just in case. :-)