Monday, October 27, 2008

Well the cats out of the bag...

Well I think the 5 people that would read these posts have been all caught up on our recent events. And just because I need practice saying it, I'm pregnant.

The first question everyone all asks is "are you excited?"

Hmmm, that's a tough one to answer. You never want to look at someone who is clearly excited for you and say umm not really, more like terrified with a little bit of overwhelmed. So I am practicing saying "I sure am".

So now to clarify my response...each and everyone needs to remember that you are looking at the girl that while she was growing up played barbies but was their maid because she didn't like it when their house was dirty. Loved her Lilian doll (my cabbage patch doll), but only because she could learn how to braid hair...and in my house if you knew how to braid hair and would play with Mom's hair you could stay up late and watch extra TV. I can't hold babies unless they are dropped off on my lap while I'm not paying attention, but you can be sure that I won't ever walk around with them because after all what happens if my legs give out or my knees buckle and we both go down. I can't even look at tummies when babies are kicking because they scare me, what if the foot makes it out of the skin, should I push it back in? I went in to my blood drawn, apparently they need my blood worse than I do, and she brought out 5 vials to fill. I looked at her and asked am I going to pass out if you take that much blood, she laughed and said no. And then I proceeded to ask if I could get some juice just in case, again she only answered me with a laugh. Drawing the blood went off without a hitch but I still have a bruise on my arm. Of course I should get used to having my arm hurt because they are forcing me to get a flu shot, even though I said I haven't ever got one and better yet I don't really think I have ever gotten the flu, to which my doctor said well you've never been pregnant either, you're getting the shot. Luckily, in a 2 hour visit with my new doctor she already knows how to deal with me, it's like sitting at the table and having Mom say just eat it and shut up. Oh yeah and I'm taking vitamins which I think it a cruel way to get back at people like me that don't have morning sickness...what is in these little capsules of death that could possibly make my stomach hurt so bad. I can drink both vinegar and hot sauce directly out of the bottle, but can't ingest these pills without feeling sick. I did speak with a friend the other day and she gave me a good idea, take them before you go to bed and sleep through the sickness, that's helping.

One of the funniest things that has happened is the fact that Joe has not came to any of my doctor's appointments yet, I mean why would he come to a lab to get my blood drawn or an annual physical. But he is apparently distraught at the shear thought of this, every time I make it home with more paperwork (who says having a baby doesn't come with instructions) he looks at me and says really babe another appointment you wouldn't LET me go to. LOL, awesome! Do you want to come and sit in the waiting room while I get weighed, poked and proded? Then his face changed and asked well she didn't poke you hard right and like hurt the baby? I was able to pass on the blood lady's laugh at this point, and say I think we were both ok.

Monday, October 20, 2008

In honor of good friends...

J and I live together along with 3 boys, any girl reading this post knows that means we get a lot of grief for simply being ourselves. Anytime we are discussing the injustices we see in the world the boys either try and fix the obvious issues or make fun of us for carrying on. Yesterday while the boys went golfing (we opted out rather than going) we decided to go eat lunch together and perhaps see a movie. We never even saw a movie but rather spent the last 4 and half hours of the day sitting in comfy chairs at Starbucks. Granted we only worked through some of the planets issues, but it made both of us feel better to be able to be "unrealistic" (as the boys call us). Laura,'ve heard me talk you know the kind of grief I would get. While sitting there I looked around at one point and there were several other groups of girls just talking it out, and I realized girls actually need this, apparently even girls who live together.

It is a cold and foggy day in Colorado especially after it was 75 degrees all weekend. The first ski resorts opened last week but only have a little bit of snow. This leads to "rock boarding" named this because some the larger rocks are not all the way covered up and will scratch the bottom of our snowboards. Because we all ride nice boards we skip this part of the season but hopefully we can hit the slopes a time or two before we head off to Mexico for Thanksgiving.

Here's a picture of the volleyball team on our last night of play, and yes you've guessed it...just as the theme to my post it was cold that night.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just because...

Just because I haven't posted in a while here's some updates.

  • Basketball season is keeping me so busy I have to schedule in laundry, which happens to be a new low for me.
  • Work has been oddly quiet, it's almost the calm before the storm. We are set to have layoffs at the end of the month so everyone must be frantically searching
  • Joe's business has been busy, of course he is still finding time to golf but I guess when it comes to passions Joe will find time.
  • Our hot tub broke keep in mind it is only 3 months old so we're quite bummed, the parts are on order, blah!
Here's a picture of us at the Air Force Football game tailgating before it starts. That's me, J and Kellie!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Basketball Season

Last night marked our first official basketball practice. I cannot explain how excited I was, the squeak of shoes, the balls dribbling, the coaches (myself included) yelling "hustle" incessantly. It's going to be an amazing season. I found myself intimidated by their talent at first until I realized they needed to hear what they were doing right and what they could still work on. I came home with a giant smile on my face and asked everyone...when was the last time you were yelled at by a coach? Of course all of us said back in High School, which for our house was over 10 years ago minimum. And I just shook my head and said it was awesome to be back in a competitive gym where coaches are yelling. I loved coaching my boys for the last three years but when you are 12 years old you don't learn well when people are so hard on you, so I always took the intensity down a notch, but with these 11 we go. Girls crying, running out of the gym to throw up...yep basketball season is here and it feels great. I know I sound sick to those of you that haven't played, but I assure you basketball is 80% mental and the rest sweat. Nothing works better than to get them down as far as they will push themselves and show them they are still standing and better yet still standing as a team.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Working away my life.

So last night Joe and I went out to eat and to watch Oliver, we had a wonderful time and I couldn't have imagined better food, company or performances. When I got home I checked on work because I had been working on an issue all day, sure enough it still sat there (as with most things you don't actively fix). I started it up and worked for a while more, still to no avail. And just as if the comic world was laughing at me, my cell phone rang at 4AM this morning. I cleared my throat several times in an effort to sound as though I was not sleeping (why do you always do that, as if it were a sin to be sleeping when someone calls). Sure enough waiting on the other end was another issue. Up I go and back to work again, I'm not entirely sure if it was 3 or 4 hours of sleep I got but either way much less then I needed to operate efficiently. Here I am staring off into the void, two issues resolved, but at the end of it all while in my little world it was a big deal, truly it didn't start or stop any earthly orbits.

It's chilly out today so I am thinking about what I should make tonight for dinner. I love cooking in the winter, we don't have air conditioning in our house so I try not to run the oven anymore than needed in the summer.

I am watching "Hanging Up" right now, and two things I am noticing are coming true in this movie. First, we (our generation) are turning into the real life grown ups. The movie is about three sisters who's father is being put in the hospital with memory issues. And it is dawning on them that they are the grown ups, they have to make the choices not their parents. This movie is obviously hitting close to home with me because of my Dad being ill and watching the sisters deal with it reminds me of us kids. Secondly, this is probably the last movie Meg Ryan was in before she went and got her new "Joker" face lift. Why do women do this to themselves...I know the answer, they can't possibly show their age in their industry, but I so wish they would.