Wednesday, March 30, 2016

BPP's and Hunter

So little Miss Hunter decided to sleep during her Bio Physical Profile today (she needs to move X amount of times to pass) which unfortunately means that we have to go back in on Friday.  If she passes on Friday they will let me go until next week but if she still seems too sedentary they will kick her out.  No dilation no doctor actually laughed at me and said that he'll probably just have to give this one an eviction notice also.

They can't really get a good picture anymore of her face since it's so squished in there...but they can tell by the darker white spots on the placenta (right above her face) that it is starting to calcify.  Which apparently is completely normal because it is after all a disposable organ...but this is when they start to watch it more closely to make sure that it is still providing everything to her that she needs.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Action Jackson

This kid.  He is always on fire.  He has been such an amazing addition to the family, provides so many laughs and smiles (of course he has his "loud I need to file a grievance" side too).  We are fortunate to have him around to remind us of the joy and excitement in the world.

Look who upgraded to a big boy car seat yesterday...holy smokes was that exciting for him.  This is our first trip in it to go get the girls from school.

And Dad came home early so he got carried around a little more...I can only carry him around for a bit before him sitting on Miss Hunter and squishing my belly feels too terrible.  He misses being able to see the counter and what's cooking, but Dad will pick him up. :-)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Picture update...

This was Jackson's first time helping with the bread dough..I actually managed to make some cinnamon raisin bread that was pretty darn good - bread never seems to turn out very well here...I am going to blame the altitude though I am not sure if that's what it is.

This was Easter morning at our house, we opted for the non basket, non candy route and got the girl camp chairs and some spring time supplies and Jackson a wheel barrow.

Then in the afternoon we went over to Sunni's house since her and Carri's parents were in town they hosted.  Joe and his mini me waiting on the food.

During the Easter egg hunt Jackson was quick to find these two but just couldn't reach them. 
Sunni and her Mom...Sunni just had her kitchen redone and it definitely looks beautiful. 

Look at that little baby Summer and those big blue eyes! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

True to predictions...

True to the weather predictions we are in a blizzard.  It's truthfully the wind that makes everything so one point while driving into my doctor's appointment the wind was blowing my car hard enough to make it slide sideways.  Wow am I glad to be home, safe and sound and now Joe is home too so everyone is warm and taken care of.  The doctor checked and I'm not dilated or anything (while with a fourth it could go fast, there is no indication that it will this evening).  So just a happy snow day around here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A beautiful spring day...

We have a blizzard warning starting tonight so me and kiddos spent a few hours out in the yard soaking up the sunshine before whatever happens tonight.  I am going to have to really work on my presence in the yard, I like to be able to multi task like raking or planting or puttering around as I call it but with Jackson I definitely need to pretty just be watching him and what he is doing at the moment.

 Loving the outside dirt that's for sure.

Austin is trying to show him the fine art of mixing rocks and water together.

Nope, no drowning risk there as he leans all the way into the pond.  Hence why I have to watch him so closely.

The girls got a Goldie Blox set from Aunt J last Christmas and here they are after they built it and are dunking the dog.  I loved that the instructions were pictures but you actually had to be quite observant to know what piece went where and how they all worked together.  It made my engineering brain happy to watch our girls work through it.

They were busy saying Thank you to Aunt J, thus the odd looks on both of their faces.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Joe and his mini me

Joe and my Mom went to the Colorado State Capital the other day to listen in on some of the issues pertaining to our area, my Mom gets invited every year because of her titles (like this year being the treasurer for the Colorado Association of Realtors) and she gets to bring a +1.  Since Joe has been getting more and more involved in politics it was a very interesting experience for him to see so much of our state in action.

These two are just hilarious to watch, Joe and his mini me.  Every night I put Jackson in his PJ's and Joe, Jackson and myself hang out in his room for a few minutes (in what should be a wind down time but always turns into playtime).

We tried to get a picture of the super cute PJ's that Marmee and Poppa got for Jackson but he was too busy running around like a wild's the closest we came to capturing his new outfit.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Little Miss Hunter

We started the every week doctor's appointments (since I'm so old and all :-) ).  Here's little Miss Hunter's face this morning complete with an umbilical cord mounded in front of her so it's not the best picture but I sure think at least her nose looks like Tyler's.

And we got my "work through" date at work, so officially my last day with Verizon should be April 8th....however since I will be on maternity leave we are waiting to see if they can lay me off during that leave (I am voting no, but am still waiting on the official word).  I am busy applying for other jobs and still remaining picky with only really considering ones that will allow me to work from home, we'll see if I can find something else relatively quickly or if I will have to become less picky and go into the office.

Last night we went out to dinner for Tadd's birthday, it's crazy to think the very last time that we ate at this particular restaurant was for Carri's birthday dinner and I was pregnant with Jackson for that one.  Here I sit perpetually pregnant.

Look at how handsome little Jackson looks?!?!?!

Morgan was smiling, but then stopped but little Miss Summer looks cute.

 Tadd, Carri and the girls/

This was my cousin Jennifer and I back in 1986...I can't believe how much Austin and I look alike, even down to the way we hold our hands.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ohhh Jackson

Oh Little Boy Jackson.  Let me paint a picture for you last night.

I was sitting at the dinner table talking to Tadd and Carri who came up for an impromptu visit holding on to sweet three month old Summer.  Jackson is eating the pasta that they had brought with them and generally loving life.  Until he decided that he was done.  So he looked at me squawked his "word" and signed "all done".  Again I have Summer on my lap so I tell him wait little buddy and I'll get you down.  This was clearly the wrong answer and the orangutan picked up his spoon full of red sauce and chucked it at Summer and I.  *Insert me shaking my head here at him*.  So here we sit stained and angry, poor Summer thought she was under attack especially since for the time being she is an only child who doesn't get things thrown at her.  While we corrected Jackson and he cried, I thought to myself  "holy sh!t that's going to be us every night with our little girl on my lap (probably with a boob hanging out of my shirt) any day now".  Life is going to be interesting for sure. ;-)

After cupcakes the other night...just look at that sweet boy.  Can you see the mischievous side lurking beneath the surface?!?!  And he can reach several of the shelves in the pantry as you can clearly see here as he helps himself to Wheat Thins before dinner.

I took this picture specifically for Marmee and Poppa, since we were sitting down to do some science experiments that we received as gifts a while back (see I promised that I am trying to get better about unpacking things).  For the most part I tend to think the girls don't look much a like until I see a picture like this one and then some of their traits are unmistakably similar.