Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big Girl Bed

I have been agonizing over what "Big Girl Bed" to get Austin and then it dawned on me that we already have a bed in there and I can start the, what I can tell will be a painful process of having the girls share a room. Luckily for the situation I am as stubborn as they are so it will HAVE to happen. Last night it became very apparent now that Joe and I don't have the air conditioner running in our room at night that we can't have Lil' Bit in there. We were whispering last night and woke her up not to mention that she was nearly sleeping through the night and is now waking up at 3ish to eat.

Here we are while I make up the crib for Lil' Bit...all smiles at the thought of getting a roommate.

Things started to turn a little more serious when she realized that she would not be sharing the crib with her sister.

Lil' Bit all swaddled up...bumper installed...and could literally give a care less where she sleeps.

Austin laying her the bed crying because she wants back the crib.

Actually at this point nap time has been going on for 10 minutes I have been in there 5 times to say go to sleep, stop crying, leave your sister alone...etc. And Austin has met me at the door twice. Hmmmm, I kind of miss her crib too. Perhaps I will get her a larger crib and keep her in it until she is 16. :-)


Anne said...


We love cribs, too!!! For nap time I put Claire in the girls' room in her crib, and I put Monica to nap in our room. During the night they usually sleep hard enough that they don't even realize they're in the same room, no matter how loud one or the other gets, but I keep them separate for nap time because as we all know: nap time is very important to mama's mental health! :o)

I love that Tyler is still swaddle-able!!!

Laurasuz said...

I think Tyler looks like Monica did at that age - soooo pretty!! Hope sharing a room goes well. I've been thinking about putting Annabel in MG's room for the winter so we can have a play room but we shall see.

Barb said...

I remember that time well..... it will work - eventually. Though I must admit that for the next 10 years or so, you will holler upstairs every single night... "you girls get to sleep!"...followed by "do I have to come up there?" at which point you will hear faintly muffled giggles, then faked sleeping, mixed with muffled giggles. hee hee hee. Man, do I miss those days. I do notice that Austin has plenty of company in her bed! Enjoy these times...you'll miss them when they're done. Love you biggest bunches!