Monday, December 7, 2015

Birthday Boy!

Oh my goodness I cannot believe that Jackson is already 1!!  Where did the whole year go?!?!?!

Just look at this sweet boy (in no particular order).

The girls are showing Jackson how to open presents, thank goodness for older sisters huh?

What a fun cake to build for Mr. Jackson!

I love him riding on his lion, what a cute.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Finishing out the month...

November 25 - Half days.  Today our bosses let us go after lunch to start our Thanksgiving break early.  I love getting off even just a bit early, it really breaks up the day.

November 26 - Thanksgiving - My all time favorite holiday and surprisingly enough I am pregnant AGAIN this Thanksgiving.  It's crazy to feel like the holidays are just a continuation of last year with a just about one year old running around in addition to my pregnant belly.

November 27 - Cold, snowy and the day off.  Very rarely do we take a day off in this family, but Joe closed the shop on Black Friday and I didn't have to work so we stayed home and hung out all day...what a treat that is.

November 28 - Shop Small Saturday and our Christmas tree - We headed back down to Manitou this year again and ate at The Keg and shopped for Christmas ornaments.  It's been fun to keep this tradition going with more and more kiddos to drag along.  I also put up the Christmas tree before heading out, that big beast beats me up pretty good every year but I LOVE it when it's up.

November 29 - The Denver Broncos....I only asked that the game was exciting and not a complete blow out, not only was it exciting but the Broncos managed to knock off the undefeated Patriots.  What an awesome Sunday game to watch.

November 30 - Today I am thankful that I get to see the world ever so slightly through the eyes of Tyler.  On the way to school she was explaining all about why she loved the snow and how it hung from the trees like paint.  To stop and look at your surroundings through the perspective of a four year old is definitely a magical thing to be thankful for.

These three...they just couldn't help themselves but get in the box as soon as it was on the ground.

We threw out our pumpkins into the yard and the deer have been enjoying eating them.  Luckily so far I don't think the dogs and the deer have even run up on each other.

Jackson was trying to squirm away from Papa, so this picture of Thanksgiving wasn't one that made the Facebook reel...but it's one of my favorites.  Not only does it have little Miss Summer in it but I love that George is laughing, the kids definitely keep you young at heart.

Here is our nightly re-decorating of the Christmas other words Jackson's taste test activity.