Friday, March 22, 2013


There should be a rule that nothing in the IT world can die before I get a cup of coffee in me.  But that is not the case when my phone rang this morning and pretty much hasn't stopped since I crawled out of bed.  The only ones that seem to REALLY like it when things go this wrong are the girls since I am not constantly reminding them not to make a mess.  Though as you can see from the picture when not reminded the house gets destroyed easily.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

4 Years Old

So I am writing this specifically to Laura though I know that Anne will totally relate.  Little Miss MaryGrace turned 4 today...where has time gone.  I actually remember the picture being taken below and I swear it does not seem that long ago.  As I have always said, we will blink and they will be driving.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Never be early...

I always tell people that you should shoot for on time, not early.  You simply cannot be early to something where you know there is preparation being done for your arrival.  Take this morning, we had a showing scheduled at 9AM...first off that means that I only got one cup of coffee in before I had to start vacuuming  and secondly it always stinks to be thrown out of your house but especially in the morning.  I wish I could have taken a picture of my face while Joe was raking through Austin's hair and I was in the back picking up dog poop and two people walked through our front door 20 minutes early.  Of course we get the obligatory oh don't worry about it we can wait until you're ready...sure you can, you are ticking off reasons right now as to why you hate our home.  Threw the dogs, kids and my coffee cup in the car and drove to Wal-Mart which should not be attempted on such a low amount of caffeine...EVER.  $150 later for essentially nothing, which always happens at Wal-Mart to me, the girls and I are back home but of course the coffee was already thrown out in our effort to make our home look "warm and inviting" but lord knows not lived in...because that would be just true advertising.  Yeppers I am just about over this whole selling the house thing.

We had our first "date night" on Friday night in five years thanks to Helen for hanging out with the girls.  We got invited to a Nuggets game with a bunch of other people most of whom we hadn't seen in a while so it was amazing to hang out with everyone and extremely odd to not have car seats in the car.  We even managed to take the boat out in the morning before the date night which in hindsight was an amazing time but definitely left us crunched for time.  We had a showing at 3 that afternoon and were planning on being home no later than 2...which you know never happens if you actually HAVE to be somewhere.  We pulled up at 3:07 and one set of people were already there and gone and the next set was inside.  The poor dogs were outside losing their minds and Joe ran in to grab them after some struggles and them being all freaked out Ty bit Joe who kicked Ty and caused a whole ruckus   Perhaps that couple will not be the one that wants to buy our home. ;-)  Yep, like I said...just about over it.  Yesterday we did get to hide out over at Tadd's house for several hours so that was nice and he lets us bring the dogs and all.  Oh yeah and he managed to buy a house that already has a swing set so the girls love it.

That drink that he is flexing with is called a Moscow Moose and is Vodka, ginger beer and lime served in a copper cup which kind of makes it feel like electricity when you drink it. :-)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Pictures

So I took some new pictures of the house to update my Mom's websites and I thought I would share them on here.  Look at how completely de-un-cluttered and clean this house is. :-)