Thursday, January 28, 2010


The X-Games are this weekend and we normally go over to Aspen and watch them with my Aunt and Uncle but this year with everything going on we won't be able to make it. What a bummer. Hopefully next year we'll be able to.

My heart isn't as broken anymore, of course when my heart breaks for things like Haiti generally it's my checkbook that feels it the most. I came downstairs the other day and told Joe that I was having a bad guess what I did, and he looked at me and smiled and asked how much money did I give away to make myself feel better. It's nice that he understands. :-)

Austin's new favorite trick is to click her tounge so if you start clicking your tounge she has to start too. Here's a video of that and her kicking the snot out of the chair in my office for no apparent reason.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Funny little quirks

Funny little quirk....

I like to say I have quirks rather than down right odd things that I do, quirks sound cuter and less in need of therapy.

I listen to Oooo-child by the 5 Stairsteps every Wednesday on the way to kids group and every time it makes me cry. I don't think there is a better way to say it..."Thing's are gonna get easier, things'll get brighter". I think it disarms me and makes me brutally aware of the task at hand, which is helping people. I guess it knocks me down a notch from my "privileged" lifestyle. So I show up with a warm heart and red eyes but hopefully by wearing my emotions on my sleeve I enter without judgment.

If anyone has watched/read Secret Life of Bees, I think I need a wailing wall. Two nights ago I had to leave the gym early because they were showing images of children in Haiti. It hurt my heart so bad I couldn't run anymore so I decided to leave before I adopted a plane full.

Well I am off to nurse my broken heart, my favorite quote of the week..."If the good do nothing evil prevails".

Monday, January 18, 2010


And here's the little stinker trying to unplug my TV while I post these pictures...busted!

Snowboarding for us means more pictures for you.

Lovin' Grandma's house.

Austin and Morgan keeping Grandma busy no doubt.

Austin "swimming" on Grandma's floor.

Morgan showing Austin how to crawl.

Morgan showing Austin how to use her toys.

Dane, Tate, Morgan and Austin before the boys left to come up snowboarding with us. If you look closely Austin is wearing Grandma's ear muffs. LOL

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And one more for good measure.

Look at Austin's new hat that Carole made. Too cute!

Pictures.... :-)

Austin the big girl in her first big girl bath, you will see Joe's hand making sure she doesn't slip. She still falls over quite a bit while sitting up, I think she just forgets that she has to concentrate.

Eating a toy covered in bubbles...ahhh the good life.

When I first put her in the sink she wouldn't let go, that's our little dare devil.

Not letting go just in case the world decides to buck her off.

Sitting on Aunt Heather's shoulders with my Mom at Christmas dinner.

Hanging out with Gram while Joe and I snowboard.

Notice the book under her so she can stand up. Gotta love Grandma's house, the land of possibilities.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The New Year

Unfortunately the New Year welcomed in a funeral rather than a wedding. I took one of my leather dress coats out of the closet and realized while pulling tissues out of the pocket that I truly only wear it to funerals. What a sad job my poor leather coat has.

I have been to entirely too many funerals but this was a first. I have been to suicides, cancers and everything in between besides murder until yesterday. I wish I could describe the air in the room, the feelings of obvious loss but of anger too, it was indescribable. My dear friend was shot to death by his employer before he then turned the gun on himself. I have to think that karma stepped in because the employer is still alive and will no doubt suffer while in prison the rest of his life. But no amount of suffering on anyone's part will bring back Tom the husband and father of 4 small children. My heart hurts for his family, who was still so in shock at the funeral that they weren't crying. I can only imagine the road of grief that they will have to take. So I pass along this day to hug your family one extra time today because life is so uncertain.

Just in case you wanted any other details here is the latest news article.