Monday, October 17, 2011

Opening Weekend

Well the snow wasn't great but the company was epic. We went up snowboarding for opening weekend at A-Basin. There was only 1 run open and a TON of people there, but it was awesome to be back on the slope(s). :-)

Of course because I have these new found mortality issues I didn't sleep the night before contemplating the what ifs that could go wrong the next day. Not only is snowboarding a dangerous sport but we log 6 hours of driving to get there and back. Undoubtedly one of the most hazardous things people do is drive. I am having a hard time balancing the thoughts in my head of being an active Mom that teaches her daughters to be adventurous and a safe Mom that doesn't want to leave them. It helps having Joe around who doesn't seem to have any fear of mortality because he pushes me, but that also means that he gets the brunt of me pushing back. To help put my mind at ease I bought a helmet this year, I always talked about getting one and never did. It was nice to be wearing it yesterday just to give me a little more peace of mind that I would be OK if something did happen.

Sarah, me and J gearing up - you can see that there is literally no snow in the parking lot!

The bluebird day and long ass lift lines!


Anne said...

Oh yay! I'm glad you guys are back at it again! Helmets are good. I am totally determined to go skiing with Peter someday before we're too old to do it! He has NEVER been. I've only been a few times but it's so fun!

Also - totally understand about the mortality issues. Whenever I'm setting out to be away from the kids for more than an hour or so the same thoughts start crossing my mind, particularly if I'm getting on the highway. I just remind myself that God is watching over me and mine and that won't change regardless of what happens. Helps me to avoid becoming suddenly and extremely irrational! :o)

Enjoy the season!!! And kiss the girls for me!

Laurasuz said...

I agree! The husband units so great at counteracting our irrational thoughts. Hope you guys had a ball!