Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Wow it's been forever since I have been on here.  So I just dug through my pictures on my phone to see what's been happening (I find that's the easiest way to try and form an update).

First the part that I don't have pictures for (she was covering her face the entire ultrasound last time), here I sit at just about 32 weeks along growing little Miss Hunter Ann.  She's doing just fantastic and I still feel great which is wonderful on both accounts.  We are all getting excited to meet her and see what she will add to the household, especially when we think how different all of our kiddos are.

Look who's walking or should I say running most of the time.  This crazy little man is just full of life and so much fun to watch...perhaps because he just has a great attitude or maybe because we haven't had a baby in a while but holy smokes is he fun to watch grow.

Here's Joe chasing him around the island in the kitchen until he finds refuge with Gram sitting over at the table.

Joe and I celebrated 10 years together last weekend, crazy when you think about what 10 years brings.  Here's a picture of the house we used to live in for the house warming party when we were just roommates.  I think my Mom was the only one that saw this future coming, which is why I thought it was so neat to find this old photo.

And here he is with three of our kiddos on him giving them rides around the house - that's 10 years for you.

Hiro has taken on the role of guardian for all of the kids, I just love how huge he looks compared to Jackson but he won't even stand up around him for fear of knocking him over.

We finally made a trip to South Dakota to meet Derek and Rachel's new baby Hattie Lynn.

We went up to the boat show in Denver a few weekends ago and Uncle Wells tagged along, the girls tend to swarm around him.

Austin won a Character Award at her school for her enthusiasm and willingness to learn.  It's always so priceless to watch her face search the audience and find her parents and siblings sitting out there...I love that prideful smile.