Thursday, February 2, 2017

I swear I'm still here....

Whew, what a crazy ride this life is.  I told Joe the other day as we continue to wait and change things about our lives due to circumstances...on one hand it would be nice to have the foresight it would take to make the best decisions but then what fun would life be if it were predefined?  So here we sit, I still don't have a job, Joe hasn't sold the business (in fact he is debating on expanding it) and the kiddos are growing and loving and changing everyday.  Crazy huh?!?!?!

I can't get over how much I love seeing the four of them together - four individuals set to change the world - who all fit in one corner of the living room.

Austin has a wonderful teacher this year (as she always has) who does these amazing things like having a "class pet" who is a bear and travels to each kid's homes and the kids journal about what they did with JoJo.  Like here eating breakfast before school - in a tiara. :-)

This little girl is just amazing...still not officially crawling though she army crawls at a very fast clip.

Argh...Joe built the bunk beds...and I hate them.  The safety concerns for me could keep me up for a week, perhaps the kids will decide that they hate them too someday. ;-)

Again I just love the four of them hanging out, like here watching movies.

Oh my word...there was an fundraiser event last weekend called "Touch a Truck" where they brought a whole bunch of trucks and what not into a building and allowed kids to crawl all over them, what a cool event.  And Jackson was near passing out for the whole thing.

And Summer got to join us too. :-D

We even found a snowplow with Jackson's name on it. 

Summer looks so much like my brother here it hurts my heart.

And the sickies...the kids have been out of school for most of the week fighting off what must be Ebola related, running fevers as high as 104.5 and just feeling like junk.  They are watching movies and laying around looking quite pathetic currently - like Goose pictured here last night.