Friday, October 28, 2011

Things that make me giggle.

This morning I was paged by work and got up and dealt with all that entails and then when I was done crawled back into bed for a few last minutes of warmth and peace and quiet. Of course the girls could sense this and woke up immediately after I laid down. Joe was on it though and got up with them. Here's the giggle part. :-) Joe wakes up slowly, much like I am sure most parents even some people do. Kids on the other hand do not wake up slowly - once they're awake, if you catch them too early or wake them up it's a different story. So this morning all I could hear downstairs was Joe grunting and attempting to make coffee as quickly as possible, Lil' Bit squealing because she was left alone in the living room and Austin asking about a thousand questions with no answers. Made me laugh so hard that I couldn't sleep so I just got up.

Second giggle spot. I leave the girls alone in the same room for a few minutes here and there and don't really have a choice not to. I have a ton of things that I get done throughout the day and it's pretty hard dragging them with me. Like making the beds this morning, I am in the other room and I hear this scenario. Austin talking to "Baby Sister" - Austin's voice elevating to excited level - Lil' Bit giggles - Austin starts breathing through closed teeth queue SUPER excited - Austin apologizing to "Baby Sister" letting her know it would be OK. Luckily Lil' Bit very rarely cries from this and Austin is never malicious so I can't help but giggle since to Austin it's like we got her a doll that plays back.

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Laurasuz said...

The first one made me laugh so hard because that exact same thing has happened here.