Friday, October 7, 2011

OMG...eBay you will be the death of me.

So I posted some of the less junkie things that we have found on eBay. Sounds like a fantastic idea right? Well I had them all posted (specifically two sets of business phones that go for around $300 A PIECE used) as fixed priced items. Which basically means that you go on eBay hit Buy Now for whatever price I am asking and you get that item, rather than bidding. Well I got absolutely no real action on those posts so after talking it out I decided we should list them in an auction format and see what happens. In reading through the eBay Tips to sell your shit, I noticed that stuff sells better without a reserve. Ok, easy enough right...I will just make the buy it now about what I wanted so like $100 bucks a piece for the 8 of them and watch the bids roll in. Starting the bidding out at $50 should make it good too. Well the problem with this is that I forgot to edit the description of the items and auction can only contain one item whether that be a "lot" of items or just one physical item. My description states that I have "4 BizTouch 3 IP Phones", so when someone bought my "item" for $100 last night they truly bought the entire "lot" of phones due to the description. And I wondered why they went so quickly.

The real issue is that you are judged on the customer's experience on eBay by your sellers score and in this day and age that score had more clout than your FICO score, so you had better mind your P's and Q's. So I will be boxing up 8 phones for the simple price of $150. :-( Stupid Crystal.

To make matters worse I had to rebuild a server last night because I can't remember the password. Contrary to popular belief not all computer geeks can hack into things, it actually requires quite the specific set of skills to do so...which sadly my server rebuilding ass doesn't posess.

It's Friday right?!?!?!

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Laurasuz said...

Oh my. That sucks! I've never used ebay but it sounds like something I'd do.