Saturday, May 23, 2009

10 Months....

Here I am at 10 months, crazy to think it feels like just yesterday I found out that I was pregnant and here I am nearly a year later.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The baby's room

The baby's room is all done and thank goodness we didn't get it done 6 months ago because Joe, me and the cat spend all our time in there. :-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Oh and one last word for today. Perspective. While I believe the best way to put something in perspective is to experience it yourself, I will pass along this experience in hopes that it will help someone reading with something they are dealing with.

As with so much of my perspective this experience comes from my kids group. I had a two year old who was helping me build pet rocks, sitting next to me just as any other two year old would (including the one sitting on my lap). Until he got excited when he saw his Mom. He then began to shake uncontrollably, not like just a shake of enthusiasm but a full on Parkinson convulsion. His head and arms were completely spastic and I just stared with disbelief. This continued for 20 minutes all while he was smiling at me. In fact if I could take smiles like this one that I get from kids in horrible situations and transfer them into pennies I could turn in my pager and retire for good. Like the boy that smiled throughout the entire group with a hand print bruised on his neck, not able to talk due throat damage...he would have been worth a mint of pennies.

After group I did some research on what would cause this boy to shake like that. Turns out it's a central nervous system disorder brought on by his abuse. His father would wear a mask and scare him to the point that the boy would start convulsing. Of course to his father this was hilarious. We don't know the extent of the damage however I do know that he his 2 and can't speak actual words, he is greatly affected by OCD to the point that if I took one of his rocks and placed it out of order he would stutter and stammer until it was placed back. Oh yeah and the fact that when over stimulated he convulses.

Makes the fact that I didn't quite get the laundry done seem so not important.


I love people's "flaws" their differences that help the world spin round. In fact I don't look at flaws as a weakness or bad thing, instead something that everyone has and truly everyone needs. And flaws can only be measured in your head because after all what is a flaw to me may not be to you.

The definition of hypocrisy is the act of being less critical of oneself than of others. Now this trait I have a huge issue with. But of course isn't judgment so easy? After all it's safe, it's like poking at a wild animal behind bars, they can't make it out so you feel safe but if things were different and you were just standing in a field the amount of respect you would show that animal would incomprehensible.

I say at least once a day "who am I to throw stones" because I truly know I live in a glass house. The choices I have made (good and bad) have made me the person I am today, and I love me. I wouldn't want to live in a concrete or wood house, after all I'm claustrophobic.

My latest rant comes from Miss California whether or not I believe in same sex marriage or not has nothing to do with the fact that she stood behind her comment that it should be banned because she is a good Christian and it is wrong in the eyes of God. This just days before she was exposed in nearly nude photos on the internet. The definition of prostitution is to sell one's body for money. I think in this story God gets to be the proverbial fence, it's safe to poke at others while standing behind something to guard you.

Don't get me wrong I love people who make bold comments, I define a leader as someone who will stand up and make a decision. And a great leader is someone who accepts the consequences of that decision. I just want to see one time someone stand up and make a comment solely based on something like their religious values and not read the headline the next morning that shows how hypocritical they are.

My goal for today...stand in open fields.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Q

We had our Baby Q this weekend, it went wonderfully even though it rained all day. So while we were planning on having all the people outside in the yard with activities and such instead everyone was packed into the house but people didn't seem to mind. One of the side effects to being raised like I was in that it makes me extremely uncomfortable to open presents. The first couple of boxes that showed up the house even before the BBQ this weekend made me cry so I knew the party would be hard. But luckily I have Joe and he completely understands that and also likes to open presents so we work well together. Bet no one has ever seen a guy open all the presents at a baby shower, it was so entertaining and everyone laughed the whole time. This is my favorite picture from the weekend he decided the socks were perfect size for his fingers. You can't see in this picture but he is also wearing a pair of pink ones on his toes. Too funny!