Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Well crap.

Obviously I was super proud of Lil' Bit for rolling over but I forgot that also means that she can no longer sleep swaddled. I don't remember the adjustment from being a swaddled sleeper to a non with Austin as being a tough one but looking back I am sure it had it's challenges that I am just forgetting about. Poor little thing is constantly rolling over to her tummy getting scared, crying and I have to come in and save her. Needless to say the girls in this house haven't gotten much sleep in the last couple of days. Poor little Austin was up until 2:30 last night after Lil' Bit let out a scream and woke her up at 11. I find this to be just one of many great examples of family, when one person either struggles or succeeds we all do. So I am trying to teach Austin that baby sister is learning something new and it's hard for her. We've had a couple extra meltdowns today due to the lack of sleep last night but that's what happens. We'll see whether or not this trying to Austin a life lesson at 2 thing works out, because let's face it I find this whole parenting thing a crap shoot anyhow. I second guess myself at every turn and fret about everything yet crackheads have the ability to produce great kids. Although it did become painfully apparent to me the other day that if my girls turn out to be (fill in the blank), bad people, axe murderers, or Nobel Peace Prize winners...it was more than likely me and not Joe that caused it. We have a classic household where Joe leaves for work everyday and returns every evening and spends several hours a day with the girls...whereas I spend every hour of every day with them. I believe that children are the product of their consistent routine (or lack thereof) rather than the abnormalities in life (aside from perhaps trama). Take for instance when Joe is home, some rules fly out the window like Austin must pick up all of her toys by herself or she isn't allowed to play with them when it is just me, and Joe will help her pick them up when he is home. I don't ever tell Joe to change how he acts is these instances because I think it's nice for Austin to understand that rules are rules and while sometimes we can bend them it doesn't change that they are there. We obviously have our battles due to these inconsistencies but I'm OK with that. Whether or not she has a tidy apartment or has manners in a job interview are up to the everyday constant rules we have in place, not the Sundays where anything goes. Currently Austin grits her teeth and shakes her head when she is mad or frustrated. My Mom asked me where she got this from and I should have known due to the above statement that it was my fault but this morning I realized when she did something wrong and I spoke to her through gritted teeth it dawned on me where she gets it. While it's exciting to raise little people and watch them become part of our society it is also nerve racking to know how much every one of my moves is being duplicated.

I am going to attempt to give these two stories credit...hopefully my ability to tell a story gives them justice.

Joe and I broke down and got iPhones and they came in the mail yesterday. They have this app on them called FaceTime which is Apple's version of Skype. So Joe called my new phone yesterday to talk to Austin. I handed her the phone and she was giddy with excitement about being able to hear & SEE Dad in the phone. But I told her to be careful and not touch the screen or you will hang up on him. So she set the phone down on the chair and was talking to him. Joe said at this point "Baby girl I can't see you unless you get your head in that little box." - Meaning the preview box on the phone that lets you see what the other person is seeing. Austin stops looks around my office and grabs the box that our phones came in and put it on her head and stood there. I just about about peed myself laughing.

We have had an influx of bees this year and whenever they come in the house I whack them with a newspaper or as Austin says "bam" them. Two days ago a bee was buzzing around inside my office by the window. I picked up a magazine and whacked him so he fell into the window sill. Austin wanted to see the carcass as proof so she went to stand on the back of her sisters lamby seat, to which I told her that she couldn't because she would fall. So she went and got the camera, stood on her tippy toes with her arm raised above her head at the sill and snapped a photo of the dead bee. I couldn't believe what I was watching. Kids are scary smart...holy cow.

And last but certainly not least...sleeping baby pictures because they are like crack to me. :-) Although black star for Crystal - taking the picture of Tyler actually woke her up - D'Oh!


Anonymous said...

haha, the story about austin putting her head in the box is awesome! too funny :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the two last stories. Kids are so smart, watching our every move. Helps me be a better person