Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Once a week Joe takes Kuma to work with him.  Let's be honest...this dog is going to be massive and we have been entrusted with the responsibility to make sure he stays social and doesn't become aggressive.  We both take that responsibility very seriously.  So one of his learning experiences is to go with Joe for the whole day...sometimes that is mostly at the shop, he goes to the bank, the car dealership for oil changes, the bar if Joe has time, just anywhere that Joe goes.  It's fantastic for Kuma and we will be rotating in Hiro when he gets better about house training.  So today Joe decided to take Kuma so I gave him a bath, trimmed his finger nails and brushed his teeth...of course since Hiro is here now I decided to throw him in the mix.  My Mom always used to say nothing builds relationships faster than a common enemy.

Bound by their mutual hate for me and the baths.

At some point Hiro decided that he HAD to get just a smidgen closer to Kuma.  It's hard to believe that these two are only 3 months apart.  I bet Kuma's body hurts growing that freaking fast.

Monday, January 27, 2014


Remember the old saying "If you have nothing nice to say...".  I've been full of piss and vinegar lately, so much so that it has kept me from blogging for a month now.  Wow!

I am feeling better now, so let's give this a whirl.

The shop gotten broken into again Friday night.  I can't really describe what it's like to be sitting at home watching on the cameras as someone tears through so much of your investment.  It hurts your heart and I try not to on the 911 call but I am sure I sound like it is an actual person that is being hurt rather than a business.  Meanwhile we are having to jump through more and more regulations, making our costs go up.  It's a tough business not to throw your hands up in the air at times.

I am still gainfully employed...YAY!  I have been picking up more projects and anything else that I can to try and stay that way.

We are working through the figures on the expansion of the business, which I really don't need to go into for anyone reading this to know that it must be stressful.  

I happened to be talking about the Myers Briggs test the other day with Joe so I had him take it just to see what he got.  (If you have never taken one, it is a pretty neat perspective on your personality and you can take it here for free Myers Briggs and then you can find some explanations including the types here Myers Briggs and Temperments).  I am a ESFJ which means that I am a provider..."Providers are observant, cooperative, informative, and expressive. They are greatly concerned with the health and welfare of those under their care and they are the nurturers of established social institutions such as businesses, churches, social clubs, and schools. Providers are the most sociable of the Guardians and they strive to provide friendly social service. They spend a lot of their energy making sure social functions are successful, traditions are upheld, and the needs of others are met."  Yep nailed it.  Whereas Joe is a ESFP which is the performer..."Performers are tactical entertainers, concrete in speech and utilitarian in action. In social situations, they are informative and expressive.[2]The most fun-loving of all the types, Performers excel at delighting others with their artistry and humor. They continually seek stimulating experiences with those around them. Performers dislike being alone, which is seldom a problem because they naturally attract the attention of other people. They live in the fast lane, keeping abreast of the latest trends. They are drawn to sensory pleasure, sometimes without thought for the consequences. Though Performers are more subject to temptation than the other types, their zest for enjoying life is mostly a healthy pursuit. Incurable optimists, they are generous to a fault. They live in the moment and trust that tomorrow will take care of itself. "  And there's Joe.  The problem that we both have is that our "perfect matches" are exactly what we are EXCEPT for the "E" which means extrovert rather than "I" for introvert, so his exact match would be an ISFJ and mine a ISFP.  See our issue?  So we are both super outgoing and when we argue neither of us take a back seat very well.  It's no wonder that we both agree that we don't believe in divorce but we'd both bury one another in the back yard.

We went to New Mexico this weekend to pick up the second puppy, we left the girls with Grandma and Papa and decided to stay at a casino.  Somehow it wasn't as much fun to throw money away right after a major break-in but I still gave it a good try.  Wallets a little lighter we picked up Hiro (which means abundant or tolerant in Japanese).  His full AKC name will be Moonlight's Raiden, after the Japanese God of Thunder and Lightening. 

Just look at that face!!!

Austin simply had to "dress him up" this morning.

His favorite place to sleep, at least while he is so small.
 Until that pesky table bucks him out.

  Of course we had to get a second puppy...just look at this beast - he is just not a puppy anymore, weighing in well over 70 pounds already at only 5 months old.

Austin still loves school and I still loath it.  We have never been approached about a play date or anything else, and I am sure it's because I stand there, jaw clenched nearly shaking my head the whole time.  If I can be frank...and I can, because it's my blog.  We have a perfect mix of trash and judgement in the school parents.  So either they would hate us or we would want nothing to do with them.  It's an odd situation for someone like me that's so outgoing to be in.  Our other choice is private school where it would be less trash, possibly more judgement and nearly all white and affluent.  I do love that Austin's school is so diverse even though that means 50% of her class has a learning disability of some sort.  Joe had some employee changes at work so he is there a lot more now, which means that I take Austin and pick her up four days a week for a total of nearly three hours a day I am away from my computer.  Sigh.  

So then this morning, I go to feed the fish in my office - we have 5 total and I only count 4.  Hmmm, weird.  So I finally ask Joe to come in and make sure I am not somehow missing him hiding in a clear tank.  Joe opens the cabinet door and somehow the fish had jumped out of the back of the fish tank and fell into the cabinet.  We both say our "well damn's" and Joe goes to pick him up.  HE'S STILL ALIVE!  Even though he's all dry.  Freaking crazy fish.  He's the large white and orange one pictured here swimming around like he hadn't been dehydrated this morning.