Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Weekend...

My weekend was wonderful, as are most of my weekends.

-My presentation on Friday went wonderfully and not only did the ONLY intern want to work with me, but they want me to take my self esteem workshops more city wide and partner with TESSA during their high school and middle school presentations. So I will be doing the DOVE workshops and my own home grown presentations about self esteem. Very exciting! Of course Friday evening when I got home there were already quite a few people over at our house (that’s pretty usual for our home) so I decided due to my new found excitement I would attempt to drink away my feeling of sickness. Wow, was that a good plan. Saturday now reads…
-Saturday was spent in my PJ’s generally saying how awful I felt, the day did not include a shower or even a step outside.
-Sunday however I was back to my usual self waking up early to make some red Chili for our second annual Chili cook-off. This year it was held over at one of our friends house and due to it being my birthday Joe made everyone vote for me or he would slash their tires. While everyone didn’t vote for me I am absolutely sure I got some birthday votes, but I’ll take the trophy and they can challenge me next year. Joe was as always amazing and got me golf lessons, and we are going to Oliver tomorrow night. I have a passion for seeing anything live…imagine a life without do-overs and retakes. He also had an ice cream cake and party favors waiting at our friend’s house. While I was standing in their kitchen my youngest brother walked in and I just stared at him and said “well how the hell did you get here?” (keep in mind he’s 12). Sure enough in walk my parents! What a wonderful surprise…apparently Joe got on the phone with them and had my Mom enter the chili cook-off too. When I got back in the car I had an amazing signing rendition of Happy Birthday left on my cell phone by apparently an Indiana Choir (thank you guys!).
-Monday was work filled as always, but that’s life. Tadd and I did try out a new rib recipe for dinner which was amazing.
-Today…well we have our first game in our volleyball tournament tonight and it’s Biggest Loser night. Yahoo! I love that show even though I usually cry through most of it, but what else is new. Everyone on the show is just so exposed, I know when I workout I get to that excruciating tired spot and feel more vulnerable then I do in those reoccurring naked in front of the classroom dreams.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Well I feel like I was hit by a bus. I wish I could say it was the bottle flu at least at that point I know I would have had fun last night, but no. Instead my allergies continue to get worse with no end in sight (when does it start snowing again?). When I was a small child I had horrendous allergies and was constantly taking some sort of medicine for it until we went into the doctor and he explained to my Mom and I that we were drying up my sinuses with the medicines
thus making it so they would have to “wash” them out. And yes for those that are wondering that is as unpleasant as it sounds. A month ago I was taking my medicine about twice a day and continuing to feel poorly and then it dawned on me…stop taking the medicine and let my body muddle through it. Here I am muddling/whining through it. I have actually lost count of the amount of times snot has ran down my face, thank goodness at least Joe loves me. The snot that does not escape down my face is ingested thus leading to a severe stomach ache. Ho hum.

On a non body fluid topic, we went and played golf last night and I was inches from getting my very first birdie. For those non golfers out there that means I would have been one shot under what they “recommend” as the number of shots for that hole. Yahoo!

Here's a picture of golfing last night...with the mountain backdrop how could I not LOVE Colorado! (Sorry about the quality it was taken via a cell phone).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Because I promised...

Here I am from sunny Colorado, because I promised Laura. After all I could not possibly lose my daily updates from Indiana.

So what am I doing today? Well, I am working away right now and will be taking a break in a few to run to the gym. My favorite thing to do at the gym is workout in the cardio cinema room, which is a dark room with a 17 foot TV screen where they show movies. As most people know about me, I am a movie fanatic, owning nearly 800 titles of my very own. I can watch the same movie again and again without getting bored, so this is truly the best gym ever for me (Spiderman 1 is playing today, luckily I have only seen this one 20 or so times). :-)

This afternoon I have to finish preparing for a presentation I have tomorrow at TESSA (the domestic violence organization I work with). We have a meet and greet tomorrow where the new interns are introduced to each of us and given the opportunity to pick someone to work with during their internship (I hope I get someone nice, LOL). I will also be starting up self esteem workshops for girls and have to give a run down on that curriculum. I am so excited about these workshops...scariest statistic I have heard this week...51% of girls age 8 believe that they are overweight. Well as with most everything that touches my heart, I believe that I can make a difference and because of that can't sit back and not act. I just completed my Dove training to become a facilitator of their self esteem workshops so I already have a good idea of how to approach the audience, that coupled with my experiencing in my Family Nights (the group I run at the SafeHouse) I think I should be ok.

Speaking with my Mom yesterday morning, I was mentioning that I was going to start a blog and sure enough she couldn't resist and started one herself. For those of you back in Indiana one of the things I miss from when I was younger is that my Mom used to write the editorials for the local newspaper. She is an amazing writer with a great sense of wit and intelligence so I am excited to read her blog daily also.

Goodbye until tomorrow...