Thursday, February 2, 2017

I swear I'm still here....

Whew, what a crazy ride this life is.  I told Joe the other day as we continue to wait and change things about our lives due to circumstances...on one hand it would be nice to have the foresight it would take to make the best decisions but then what fun would life be if it were predefined?  So here we sit, I still don't have a job, Joe hasn't sold the business (in fact he is debating on expanding it) and the kiddos are growing and loving and changing everyday.  Crazy huh?!?!?!

I can't get over how much I love seeing the four of them together - four individuals set to change the world - who all fit in one corner of the living room.

Austin has a wonderful teacher this year (as she always has) who does these amazing things like having a "class pet" who is a bear and travels to each kid's homes and the kids journal about what they did with JoJo.  Like here eating breakfast before school - in a tiara. :-)

This little girl is just amazing...still not officially crawling though she army crawls at a very fast clip.

Argh...Joe built the bunk beds...and I hate them.  The safety concerns for me could keep me up for a week, perhaps the kids will decide that they hate them too someday. ;-)

Again I just love the four of them hanging out, like here watching movies.

Oh my word...there was an fundraiser event last weekend called "Touch a Truck" where they brought a whole bunch of trucks and what not into a building and allowed kids to crawl all over them, what a cool event.  And Jackson was near passing out for the whole thing.

And Summer got to join us too. :-D

We even found a snowplow with Jackson's name on it. 

Summer looks so much like my brother here it hurts my heart.

And the sickies...the kids have been out of school for most of the week fighting off what must be Ebola related, running fevers as high as 104.5 and just feeling like junk.  They are watching movies and laying around looking quite pathetic currently - like Goose pictured here last night.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The sound of an angel.

I cannot get over how cute her little laugh is...this is what heaven must sound like.


Picture Download

Whelp I have been slacking for sure on getting pictures up here.  Here are some highlights of our happenings over the holiday season.

This little man turned 2!!!  What a sheer delight this guy is, here is his Thomas the Train cake.

These two get to hang out quite a bit while Austin is in school.

Speaking of Austin and school, she was assigned the ocean life for a diorama project.  Which is a great story.  She told me that her project was due at the end of the year before she went on break but then failed to tell me that she actually had heard an update in which the project was actually due on Monday rather than Friday.  So when I dropped them off at school Monday morning and everyone was dragging their projects in, I turned and looked at Austin asking if it was in fact due today.  Long story short, her and I did it that night and she turned it in the next day for no credit (I was proud of the teacher for not giving in on this one).  I desperately want to teach our children to accept blame and take credit, it was your project, your deadline and your mistake for turning it in late...which is why I was glad the teacher allowed her to present it but not give her any of the extra credit the other kids got.

This little face just lights up my heart.  She is nearly crawling and does this fish flutter kick thing that is adorable.

They have such a special relationship, perhaps because they are both the "littles" or maybe because they are so close in age.

We decided to hang ornaments on a tree outside for our Christmas pictures...which the snow ended up covering up.

Hanging out at Austin's class party.

Decorating cookies, look at all the helpers I have?!?!

Taking the toys down to the toy drive - there are 4 kiddos smashed in there somewhere.

Our living room after Christmas right before the kids bedtime.

Took a walk around the neighborhood to burn off some of Jackson's energy.

The cool track set that Tadd and Carri got for Jackson.

Paint your own piggy banks.

Garlic and herb humus - yes please according to Hunter.

Look Mom I can peel my own oranges. :-)

Nate allowed for his year long beard to be shaved for proceeds to go to TESSA and the toy drive.

The kids inspecting the toys before I packed them up.

I love our Christmas village!!!! Someday we will be able to have it down closer to the ground but for now with little ones this keeps it nice and safe.

We let the kids sleep in the playroom Christmas Eve with their own Christmas tree.

There's Nate's face.

We camped out at Tadd and Carri's place for New Year's Eve and then celebrated Christmas with them the next morning.

And two pictures that didn't get chosen for the Christmas card but still turned out super cute!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Finishing it off...

November 28 - Today I am thankful for health...while I am sure any part of our lives can be viewed as a challenge pretty much anytime, I am thankful that we are healthy as a family.  We have had several friends lately with health issues and it will always make me appreciate what we have and don't have. :-)

November 29 - Fancy lunches - we went downtown today for lunch at The Famous.  It's a very nice restaurant and for lunch the meals are quite reasonable, we were able to enjoy ourselves with Tadd, my Mom and Marmee and Popa.  What a treat and a great thing to be thankful for.

November 30 - I've got to finish off my thankful November with a warm thank you to my family both immediate and extended.  I know the business and me looking for a job has put a lot of stress on our family and yet at the end of the day we have grown and hopefully will be better people for it.  I can't wait to see what December has in store for us, and no matter the adventure I am sure we will tackle it.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Holy smokes...

Holy smokes am I behind on the thankful updates!

November 21 - Fall break, I am so thankful for the breaks in the school year so we can all hang out as a family.  I love having everyone at home and school has definitely made me appreciate this more.

November 22 - Today I am thankful for airplanes, Carole and Murph flew in today and I cannot imagine how much different our lives would be if we couldn't just hop on a plane and visit each other in two short hours.  Of course that's not to say that the entire day is not consumed with travel and what not, but it's still pretty well perfect that they can come out.

November 23 - Date night~ish.  I am thankful for the folks keeping all of the kiddos at home while Joe and I ventured out to our friends house who was throwing a friends-thanksgiving get-together and then stopped by and had a drink just the two of us.  It was awesome and full of laughter as always, and the people that we were visiting are always in such great moods and we have such wonderful conversations.

November 24 - THANKSGIVING!!!!! My absolute favorite holiday!  I love Thanksgiving and this year was even more spectacular since my kiddos got to be with both sets of their about a wonderful and thankful time!

November 25 -  Instead of participating in Black Friday, Joe shut down the shop for the day and we stayed home and made some smoked pork green chili, we tried to tame it down as much as possible but it still turned out pretty darn hot.  It was so much fun to have Marmee and Popa in town to watch the smoking process and play with the kiddos.

November 26 - Today I am thankful for Shop Small Saturday.  We ventured out to Manitou Springs to eat at The Keg and go Christmas ornament shopping as we do every year, only this time we accompanied by my parents, Carole, Murph and J's Mom Linda.  The kids had a blast and picked out some really cute ornaments.

November 27 - Sunday Sunday Funday!  We all hung out and made a big meal (almost like a second Thanksgiving one) and then watched the Broncos just barely get beat by the Chiefs.  I love hosting and am thankful to have people to host. :-D

I made the center piece again for my Mom's house and couldn't help but make one for our home too.

This little rascal likes to roll over to the DVD shelves and tear them apart.

Isn't that a cute turkey on that pumpkin pie?!?!

Down in Manitou there is an old penny arcade, one complete with these type of rides everywhere.  Jackson was in absolute heaven.

Austin is just about too big to ride on these (which is crazy to think about) - where has time gone?