Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Running behind...

Running behind...that should be what is on my license plates.


And of course a picture drop.

Jackson attending his first Monster Truck Rally with Dad.  And his first of several head wounds this particular week.  This one was courtesy of the shelf on the fridge.

Joe and I were making dinner when we heard a commotion in the living room, followed by a loud thud and screaming.  Jackson had been kicked off the couch and fell back and hit his head on the coffee table splitting it wide open.  They try and prepare parents by saying - head wounds bleed A LOT - but I am hear to tell you...head wounds bleed a lot.  It became very evident very quickly that we would have to shave Jackson's hair to get the butterfly closure to work well.  He was such a good calm boy during all of it but started crying so hard when he saw his shaved head...which meant that Dad bought him his first Cubbies hat and shaved his own head as well.

 Poor little guy.  His head looks amazing now and the scar is already going away along with the hair growing back.  Although I must admit, I read a Mommy blog the other day talking about how she used to believe that she suffered from anxiety and now she thinks it could be PTSD from things just like this head injury replaying itself in her mind.  I can totally relate with that Mom - sigh - I spend many a sleepless night sitting straight up in my bed in some sort of panic attack.

Friends of ours have a 1940's tractor that they let Joe and Jackson take out for a spin...now that was a big deal to that little man.

Obviously this big girl think she is ready for school.

Joe is getting into Bees and has started a beehive in our backyard, the kids love learning new things about it.  I am hoping the experience will lead them to not be so fearful of them.

The kiddos had their end of year carnival complete with face painting.

Releasing the bees into their hive.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

And just like that...

And just like that our "baby" is 2!

What an absolute delight this little girl is.

We had the salamanders move back into the pond...boy is that a whole lotta fun watching them.

Big ol' Amos sitting around panting...since he is literally always hot.

 The kids hanging out like "bats".
Chewy's birthday cake...I didn't get many pictures at the party since I was cooking and running around but it was a great time.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Sunday

We had a fabulous Easter Sunday, even though Joe and I took full advantage of our first ever baby sitter the night before so we were both a bit tired the next day.

Look at how big those kiddos are getting?!!?!?

Monday, March 26, 2018

Disney On Ice

We all packed up and headed to Disney On Ice this weekend, what a fun Sunday that was. :-D

And Joe made these awesome wooden weapons for the kiddos, they are having a ton of fun playing and pretending with them.

The littles has just woken up from nap, so their faces were pretty priceless during this photo shoot.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Touch A Truck Weekend & Tadd's Birthday!

It was Touch A Truck this weekend and to Jackson that is better than Disney World and then it was also Tadd's birthday so we headed up for brunch in Denver and then the aquarium.

And look at these crazy Iris's - I didn't know that they would come up flower first.