Wednesday, October 19, 2016

More pictures

So I am having a hard time forming actual thoughts that don't have some sort of negative connotations...yes I am still looking for a job and yes I still don't really like doing so.  Here are some super cute pictures though. :-)

I found this shirt the other day that Marmee had sent us.  Obviously it used to be Joe's and now a toy monkey wears it to bed with Jackson.

The Broncos host this thing called the Broncos Bunch that hosts a couple of events every year including trick or treating that we had a ton of fun at.

We even got to go out on the field - talk about exciting for a life long Broncos fan.

And we got to sit next to their three Super Bowl Trophies!  Umm yeah it was that cool for me.

We still try and make it to Overtime to watch the Bears on Sunday mornings.  This particular morning Nate was there with his bike so the kids got to crawl all over it.

And this face.  Literally it doesn't even need words, she is just the sweetest thing.  See the sleep lines from her nap still present on her forehead.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Growing and changing....

So it's been a while...sorry about that.  Apparently when dividing up my days with school and what not I have seem to have less and less "free" time.  Here are some updated pictures of those kiddos that are keeping me so busy. :-)

We went to the Chili festival in Pueblo and got to watch some RC boat races.

I don't know what it is about seeing three of the four sitting on the couch together but I just love it.

The girls' school puts on a fun run to raise money rather than selling stuff.  So Joe and I pledge a certain amount per lap and the girls get to be outside and the school gets's a win win.  Here's Goose running - she completed 6 laps.  Quite a feat when you realize that they are all terrain and 1/4 mile a piece.

The cheering section.

Austin got through 10 laps (she had more time allotted than Goose did due to age).

Look Mom she loves me and my marker hands. ;-)

Summer (and her folks) came over to watch the Broncos game.

This little girl is now officially 6 months old...and eating real food (along with still nursing).  Doesn't she look so small in the high chair?

I finally found a pizza dough recipe that tastes better than restaurant style (thanks to Hoss).

Hunter also moved out of our room, she started waking up at night so I decided it was time to move her.  Which means that I moved Jackson in the big girls room until I am sure the two littles sleep well enough to be together.  All three of them pretty much look at this like summer camp and are ecstatic about the transition.

Baby girl also can't be swaddled anymore since she can roll over.

This little beauty got to come hang out with us on Saturday.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Proof of life

Just a couple more pictures to include The Bigs so you know they're still around.

He reads thie book to her everyday.

Look who gets to ride in the front pouch?!?!

Tyler doing part of her homework, sight words to be exact.

Austin later on when she got home taking care of some math facts.

I loved this shot - the oldest's foot and the youngest's.

Jackson photo bombing - boy does he look like me there?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

But a blink...

Everything in life seems to fly by so but a blink.  Every time I turn around I am amazed by how fast the days/weeks/months go.  Hunter is officially 5 months old, which also means that I have been looking for work for the past five months too.  I suppose the best thing about the job hunt so far would be that I am no longer nervous for interviews and eventually I have to find something that will work for us, hopefully I will still get to be a witness to these little people in their daily lives.

I caught myself the other day thinking (foolishly) that I do the same thing day in and day out, but the truth is as long as these kiddos are growing and changing nothing that I do on a daily basis is the same.

Look at this little princess and her first two teeth!?!?

She is simply the happiest little baby, she loves to be a part of anything we are doing and as long as she can be around her siblings she's ecstatic. 

Every morning when the "Bigs" leave for school me and the "Littles" head to the playroom and watch the magic happen.  Like building blocks in the sunbeams. 

Or chewing on her elephant that has stood the test of time and been loved by all four kids. 

Playing jungle like as in The Jungle Book that we watched the other night, which by the way is a fantastic movie.

Crawling up to play with his sister. 

Or read his favorite book to her. 

Jackson is obsessed with the new four wheeler, he calls it a bike.  So now in the play room he rides his "bike" but true to form and what I am scared would happen in real life....he only really knows how to crash.

Joe took him around the yard real quick since he gets so excited to watch his sisters on it.  And yes to answer anyone's question...I am not a fan of the four wheeler and am just waiting for someone to get hurt.  I spend a lot of my time while they are on it, hiding inside so I don't have to watch what I feel is the inevitable.  To date though, only Goose has wrecked it and didn't even get hurt, obviously that doesn't make me feel any better though.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Indiana Pictures!

Thank goodness for Marmee...holy smokes without her snapping pictures I would literally have one crappy picture of a tree frog at night.

I'm dropping these off here so I have them forever.