Friday, September 25, 2015

Catching up...

8 short days after we got back from Indiana we loaded up the kiddos and headed to Iowa for Doug and Brittany's wedding.  The kids did wonderful, even little Jackson which shocked us all.

I only got these couple of pictures (which I actually stole from Joe since I didn't get any pictures).  I turns out just getting three kids to any place dressed up and looking cute is a full time job and I didn't have pockets most of the time to carry my phone.

Doug's family owns a very large farm in Iowa so the girls got to see the hog barns.

And the grain silos, complete with a corn mountain to slide down.

I do wish that I would have gotten a picture of the kid's outfits for the wedding.  You can kind of see Tyler's dress here and Austin matched hers and then just look at Jackson and his sweater vest?!?!?  He also had a suit for the wedding part that he managed to destroy before the reception.

Someone's got a first word!  Of course he uses Dada for everything but it's much more pleasant than the scream that it replaced.

And I think we are all in trouble when this little guy gets down walking...looks like we are just about there.

Not sure what he is doing here, but I think it's how he calls for the kitty or his sisters...but you can see the magnificent black board in the background that Joe built.  I will take better pictures when the whole playroom is done.