Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Catching up....

Though I probably won't have time to actually catch up on everything.

Let's see some of the big news -

I am now gainfully employed after exactly 11 months.  And I absolutely LOVE my new job.  I am a network and systems engineer for a company called Interbank1 that takes care of the IT for Peoples Bank.  Peoples Bank has about 30 sites throughout the US employing roughly 1,200 people, both banks and mortgage branches and we make their lives easier by making sure everything is running smoothly.  We are also owned 50% by Peoples Bank so we can take advantage of their insurance and other benefits while still being somewhat of our own company - one with only 27 employees and so far just about the smartest and friendliest people I have ever been around.  They allow me complete flexibility on where and when I work, so for the most part I work from home, though I do try and make it into the office at least one day a week for about a half day just to see some of the other guys.  Most of the engineers and management work from home but the technicians work from an office in Gleneagle which is about a 14 minute drive from my house, so I'll drive in there to hang out with them.

Here's the obligatory picture dump. :-D

Costco had bathing suits on sale, the complete rash guard sets with hats that I love so much, look at these cuties!

Chewy AKA Hunter is finally old enough on movie nights to sit in her highchair next to Jackson and watch the show.

J moved to New Orleans but not before we were able to stop by her old work for some lunch and dancing with the house band.

We got a new driveway...I am not sure who was more excited Joe or Jackson.

The driveway before.

Who knew paving was a spectator sport?

Chewy's birthday cake.

After baths with her siblings helping her open presents.

Look at that driveway, it's recycled pavement so it will wear differently than new traditional new pavement but wow, what a difference?!?!?!

This little girl will eat anything and everything.  This is her devouring a bean burrito from Taco Bell.

Or here, I believe this was an ice cream cone in its past life.

Tyler puts her in this wheel barrow and they stroll around the house. 

She has really been working on walking lately.  The girls were home from school the other day and were taking videos of her walking in the playroom while I worked.  I am positive that everyday this little girl wakes up and is thankful to be in this family, she is an absolute joy to be around.