Thursday, June 6, 2013

City Girl

Ok so I must admit that I have quite a bit of city left in me because while it felt sacrilegious to fence our freedom, I instantly felt more at ease knowing that the girls were behind a fence today.

Look at how well it turned out...

We had them install three of these man gates around the property for access, and one large metal gate in the back so we can still pull trailers in the back.

We have this type of split rail fencing up the driveway and on the other side of the house.

And then this field fence for the remainder of the two and half acres.

I loved this picture of my old boy surveying his kingdom, sitting in the shade of a tree.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Swimming and Pre-School

I took a break from being the resident ranch hand the other day and read some news outlets, one of which had a little boy who drowned recently in a pond in Northern Colorado.  This is pretty well unacceptable to me, falling in a pool maybe, but a kid would have to wade out into a pond and then get to the point where he couldn't swim.  So I called the place where we take the girls for swimming lessons before I even finished the article.  Something so preventative in a kids life.  And truly I have been putting off going back to swimming lessons because for a thirty minute class it feels like with drive time, fighting with the girls and then turns into a three hour process.

We applied to pre-school for Austin within our public school district.  I had to pick three different options and send in an application fee.  As it turns out we are on a waiting list for all three of them but none of them have openings currently.  I wish I could say that I was disappointed, but I'm not even though it's just delaying the inevitable.  There are a couple other options around here but two of them are Montessori and the others are in-home.  One of the main reasons that we are even looking into pre-school is for the structure so I don't think the Montessori approach would work, and the in-home option sounds like day care with more finger paint.  I guess we wait and hear if a spot frees up and if not we can make other decisions.

They started working on our fence yesterday.  It's an odd feeling...we moved to the country for the freedom and openness and are choosing to close ourselves in.  But with kids, dog(s) and roads, I will feel much better with the fence up.  Which by the way, we put in an application for two more Akitas from a local breeder here.  They have to do home visits and meet us and all, and then we have to wait for a litter of puppies but it's still exciting.

We still haven't even started to plan out the girls birthday party, the house warming party or the craw-fish boil (which I think sounds just too dang fun).  Somehow or another I keep thinking that we will probably end up just merging everything into one another.  Luckily the girls are still at this magical age where they don't even think twice about their birthdays, the fact that they received several packages was nearly heart stopping as it was.

I am not sure if I can even write this out on my blog...but it's my blog dang-it.  So the IRS is auditing the business.  This was our ultimate fear...death and taxes.  The only two certainties in life.  Apparently it's an extremely long process and drawn out probably to make you break down.  I am not looking forward to this and while I am extremely confident that our numbers are solid, we will just have to wait and see if they are questioning the numbers or actual theory of our business.  Sigh - this is why I drink.