Friday, September 20, 2013

Dart League

I joined a dart league.  Probably your next questions is "Can you even throw darts?" followed closely by "There's dart leagues out there?".  I was hesitant when Adam first mentioned it to me, but then he went in to the fact that Joe had already signed me up.  Well hell.  Looks like I will have to learn to play darts then.  But truthfully Joe just wanted me to have a reason to get out of the house once a week.  The stay at home Mommies know this all to well, other than the grocery store or lunch with a friend (which I covet) we stay home quite a bit and slightly more in the winter. Once volleyball and softball are done and it starts getting dark at 4 we become home bodies.  Keep in mind so far everything I have listed I take the kids to so it is still not a break from them, but just the change of scenery and the kids being able to do something other than being corrected by me works nicely.  So last night was our first league and I must admit I was pretty nervous, so nervous in fact that I was stressing about whether or not I should bring darts and talking about it for nearly an hour only to then forget them at home anyways.  Who has two thumbs and showed up to play darts without darts?!?! Yep this guy.  Everyone chuckled at me but other than that I had an absolute blast.  The only thing that even made it somewhat off was that Joe had an award ceremony last night so he couldn't watch the girls, so my Mom drove all the way down to have dinner with them and get them to bed. (Thank you Mom!)  Parenting brings such an odd realm of guilt with it.  Oh yeah and did I mention that apparently in a dart league you play 13 games a night and we won 9 of those last night.  Yahoo!!!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Picture Download

I finally got around to downloading the photos from my camera of our Indiana trip, although I didn't take many these ones turned out great.

I happened to be taking a picture of Joe the morning we were on Lake of the Ozarks just when a giant fish jumped out of the water.  You can tell he was excited.

And of course I had a lot of pictures of the awesome water slide at Marmee and Poppa's!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Turning him loose...

And today turning "Roger" loose.  (Name courtesy of Austin)

Photo Catch-Up

I was just looking through some pictures and thought about the fact that it has been forever since I was on here updating the Blog world.

So here we go...

We went to the State Fair before leaving for our trip to Indiana.

Here's my little Cowgirls.

And they had a fishing pond.

Here's Austin in the super cool blow up balls on the water.

Good morning from Lake of the Ozarks

This is what an 80 mile long lake looks like without another boat on it!

Having a tasty lunch time beverage at the lunch.

Tyler Mae and her "Go Fast Hair"

Beautiful sunset after our fish dinner.

Good morning from Wilson Lake Kansas.

Tyler learning about binoculars.

Austin swimming at lunch.

Girls playing dress up...great looking outfits. :-)

Poor Ty had an abscessed bug bite that got really infected and then burst through the side of face. :-(

We found this awesome salamander in our basement, caught it and have been petting (aka torturing it) for days.