Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's a BOY!

Didn't think it was possible - although looking back since everything we own is in pink I should have expected Murphy's Law here.  Since the doctor and I were unsure on the due date we went in for a ultrasound today and the technician has put us at 18 weeks and 3 days with a due date of November 23rd.  Although if the past has taught us anything it's that I will hold this baby in until the first week of December.  Here's to shopping for blues and greens!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lake of the Ozarks

We took an extremely impromptu trip to Lake of the Ozarks, in fact in 8 days I had the whole trip planned and booked and away we went.  Of course there were some adventurous parts, like when we came across a bridge that was so narrow that the boat trailer wouldn't fit but other than those times that we can all laugh at now it was an amazing trip.  Here are a ton of pictures primarily for those without Facebook. :-)

Couldn't help but take a picture, not everyday you see a personal helicopter.

Austin fishing in her PJ's first thing in the morning off the back porch.

We kept calling ourselves the small boat crew since the other boat was 8' longer than ours.

This thing is called a Lily Pad and is a 8'x16' floating foam mat that can't sink.  Very cool to play on.

Little Miss Tyler Mae feeling much more secure with being in the water.

Tadd and Carri escaping the sun for a bit.

Our boat following along behind the big boat.

Saw this beautiful rainbow while eating but it never did rain on us.

Dinner the first night at Paradise.

The view from the balcony at our place of our boat in the dock slip.

This is one the houses that Carri and Sunni's cousins own, this one is the family house with their private house behind it.  Super nice setup.

And finally...we got Joe's Father's Day presents installed yesterday.  New wake board tower speakers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Whew, I knew if I blinked summer would come and go super quickly and it sure is.  Between work being more busy and summer activities heating up I feel like we don't ever stop moving.  Because of exactly this we decided to skip a party for the girls this year again, it felt rushed and crammed and truly they don't seem to be affected by missing it.  Here's some pictures to update all of you that we are still alive and well. :-)

Joe had to work on a Saturday so we took Gram and Papa to the zoo.

They let us feed the geese though Austin remained worrisome of how close they could get to us.

I love these next two.  I call it "life is all about perspective".   The picture below is of the north side of the lake.

This picture is from the same seat in the boat but of the south side of the lake.  Beautiful day as long as you stay looking north. :-)

The girls are back in swimming when I can find time here and there.  Austin is doing really well and Tyler cries a lot.  On this particular day Tyler was crying so much that we put Austin back in the pool as a comfort to her.  Seemed to work.

We went up to Longmont for another dog show and decided to bring Hiro again.  There are a lot of noises, distractions and stresses at a show and the more comfortable we can get him the better.  He still needs to grow two more inches in height before we can enter him.  Longmont might go down as one of the most pet friendly cities ever, this picture was taken at Old Chicago's on the patio where they welcomed our giant dogs with open arms and ice water.

And the hotel that said "absolutely bring your dogs, the more the merrier."

Here's Kuma winning Best of Winners again both days.  He is featured here with the number one Akita in breed points (the brown and white one) and his aunt Onyx (the black one)...winning best of breed and best of opposite.

 Here's Hiro with our breeder Chris, practicing his stance.  He should show nicely here soon.

Oh yeah and we both took that Monday off of work after having to travel for the dog show and headed to the lake.  This was Joe's recent I must have, as you can tell by our pinkness Joe and I were too good for sunscreen and I am still paying the price for that ignorance. ;-)