Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Carving!

We carved pumpkins this weekend with a bunch of our friends. It's funny because in thinking back I can't ever remember my parents having parties so either they didn't have many friends or they didn't like to host for fear of the next day mess...which I could actually understand, because my house is destroyed right now. :-) Whereas at our house Austin is helping to prepare for parties pretty much every other weekend even if it's just the old roommates that come over.

Part of the pumpkins and snacks before we tore into them.

The first round of people gutting out their pumpkins.

Hacking away in the glorious sun.

Some of the pumpkins up for display.

Another set of pumpkins all carved up.


Laurasuz said...

Looks like fun!!

Anne said...

Yay for parties! Wish we had friends...

Barb said...

We didn't have parties, because my group of friends, and your dad's group of friends were so different. That being said..... we had somebody over for dinner every Friday or Saturday night (one or the other). Typically Mike and Debbie and the girls, Bob and Elaine, or Dar and Larry with Bambi.... you must remember hanging out with them alot. I invited people over every weekend, even though it was hard for me, because otherwise I would only hang out with my kids! Looks like it was a great party - sorry we missed it!