Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Job

November 28 - I am thankful for my job, while there are the very obvious reasons to be thankful for a job like mine...flexible work schedule, ample vacation, work from home...the one that I am particularly thankful for on this Wednesday is the health insurance.  My Mom met with an adviser about health care and what it would cost for her family since both her and George are self employed and I have got to tell you the numbers are higher than a car payment a month.  Wow!

November 29 - I am thankful for naps.  Both girls are sleeping right now which is good because I don't think they would have made it too much longer breathing if they had not fallen asleep.  Austin likes to challenge me and I loathe spanking, primarily because I always feel terrible afterwards so I take the other side and do the timeouts and taking away of privileges (you know the list of stuff that is a COMPLETE joke to a 3 year old).  But I try...and try to take that approach, the other night I actually counted 30 timeouts before Joe got home. Today she was extra trying, maybe it was because she is getting over being sick or maybe it was because I had a home appraiser here today summing up the net worth of the largest purchase we have ever made in our lives to see if we qualify for the new mortgage rates we would like.  But whatever the reason I am glad she is sleeping now, perhaps the slate can be wiped clean when she wakes up.  And poor little Tyler is getting much faster at walking/running but doesn't look up much so just as her last bump on her forehead was about healed from the whack to the dinning room table she ran right smack into the corner of the wall.  Poor Crash...she is at least safe laying down.

I sent this picture to Tadd and he noticed that the funniest part about it was that it says Safety 1st behind what appears to be a feather weight boxer.  You can still see the scab healing under her bangs on the left hand side of her head.


Anne said...

Claire has a matching bruise!!!! Except hers only looked that bad the day it happened. She ran into (or may have been pushed by a sibling) the edge of a wall!

Laurasuz said...

Holy Moly! Poor thing!! Hope it clears up soon.

...and that is so funny about the Safety 1st. hahah