Saturday, November 24, 2012

Catching Up.

Holy Smokes I missed a few days.

November 20 - I am thankful for my love of animals.  I have been passing it down to the girls who love on animals every chance they get, Austin even walked Ty (our oldest 120 pound Akita) around the neighborhood the other day.  I always forget how big he is until you see him being escorted down a sidewalk by a three year old.

November 21 - I am thankful for the immense amount of information I can find using the Internet.  I managed to make a Turkey shaped veggie tray, a cheesecake, an apple pie, a cherry pie, a pumpkin pie and salted caramel turtles all through recipes that I found online.

November 22 - I am thankful for Thanksgiving, it is favorite holiday and we had such a blast sitting around laughing at one another and eating fantastic food at my Mom's house.

November 23 - I am thankful for Pay Day.  Even in the digital age where my check is deposited automatically and a plethora of bills are paid within seconds, there is still something magical about pay day and it will always make me excited.

November 24 - I am thankful for Small Business Saturday.  I could never imagine participating in Black Friday but Small Business Saturday I love.  The girls and I went to Manitou got a couple of new Christmas ornaments, ate at The Keg (one of my favorites), played at the penny arcade, got custard and topped it off with face painting.  I mean co'mon who doesn't love a day in the sun like that.

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