Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas is coming...

November 25 - I am thankful for our Christmas tree, first it is absolutely beautiful and second it always seems to bring people together and make them smile.  We put it up on Sunday with all the friends over which turned into complete hilarity watching Tadd and I fight over who's cooking what and how it's spiced, the girls un-decorated as fast as we could decorate the tree, the boys tore apart the garage to get out the tree stuff and then had to clean it to get everything back in...which made me smile.  Helen wrapped garland and then re wrapped garland when it wouldn't work, yep all in all a fantastic Sunday.

November 26 - I am thankful for Joe who picked up my favorite lunch from Mollica's and their lasagna to throw in the oven for dinner.  Surprisingly I didn't feel all that hot after drinking some beers and laughing until I almost passed out with everyone the day before.  Must have been something I ate. ;-)

November 27 - I am thankful for hot baths and baby Vapor rub.  Both girls don't feel so hot with runny noses and what not, of course I don't feel good either but Mom's aren't allowed to be sick.  So I have been keeping them going with the occasional cough drop and warm baths.  Not sure if it's like this in every one's house but cough drops are literally worth their weight in gold around here, you could get either girl to do back flips for them...perhaps it is because they are a cousin to candy.

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