Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Thanks

So all across my Facebook are status' of things that people are thankful for in the month of November.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - I suppose it could help that we are normally on a Mexican beach for the holiday but even without that I LOVE spending time with family and Thanksgiving allows for that.  So I have decided to take the 30 Days of Thanks and put it on my blog.

November 1 - I am thankful for a competent family.  My Mom is a real estate broker and is currently helping my brother shop for houses.  I cannot imagine shopping for something that is such a big deal and not being able to utilize someone that I trust with my life.

November 2 - I am thankful for late mornings.  Joe left for work late this morning which allowed the whole house to get a slower than normal start.  He recently hired several new people and moved around some schedules to allow him to take off Sundays, Mondays, Fridays and most Saturdays.  He still goes in most days and works some but he definitely has a much more relaxed schedule now.  Pretty much this is the light at the end of the tunnel that I was hoping for when we opened this business. :-)

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Anne said...

Joe's new schedule definitely sounds like something to be thankful for!! Awesome!