Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend of Thanks.

November 3 - I am thankful for teaching or perhaps allowing Austin to just become a good big sister, I am not sure if it is ideals that we are instilling in her or something that she would have been on her own but either way she is becoming a truly fantastic big sister.  Obviously I have always taken great pride in being a good big sister so this makes me extremely proud to watch her.  Take for instance when we were in the car wash and it was extremely loud inside the car and Austin was calming Tyler down who was crying due to noise.  I think one of the many things I want both of them to do on a daily basis is step out of what is "happening to them" and look at what is going on "around them".  It if far easier to walk through life if you don't believe that you are but a passenger on this great ride.

November 4 - I am thankful for the first trip up the mountain with Joe, reminding me how much we adore each other and share our passion for snowboarding.  And thankful for my parents who took a turn at Grandparents of the year and took 4 of the grand kids and one little boy that was just staying at Amanda's house to the zoo all by themselves.

The spider web at the zoo.

Papa and the kids checking out the lions.

The dinosaur egg that apparently Tyler would not get in.

Poor little Tyler couldn't keep up with the big kids but spent all day trying.

Papa and his grand kids hanging out on the dolphin.

The kids measuring their wing span.

We stopped to look at the sunset on the way home from snowboarding and had someone snap this picture.  OMG do I love Colorado.

November 5 - I am thankful for a dentist that has quick hands and smiles a lot.  Austin had her first cavity much to my we went in to get it filled today.  They were going to use Nitrous Oxide to calm her down but the tank was empty so instead Joe plopped her down on his lap and told the dentist just show her each thing, and explain what they do while you use them and she should be fine.  And she completely was, got it drilled out and filled while sitting on Joe's lap.  I was super proud of her.


Laurasuz said...

Really cute pictures! And I couldn't agree more about stepping outside of oneself, from doing this to our loved ones to the world around us.

Anonymous said...

George...You are the Man! You took 5 little munchkins to the zoo all be yourself....I'm impressed...Murph