Monday, November 19, 2012


November 17 - I am thankful for groceries.  I am thankful that at any point I can walk to our King Soopers and get fresh food to make for my family.

November 18 - I am thankful for Peyton Manning who has given Coloradans some real hope for a great season...Go Broncos!

November 19 - I am thankful for my new camera, I went to Joe's work today and took some pictures of his crew and some medicine and I have to say that camera takes some truly bad ass photos.

And my Mom came and grabbed the girls so I could take the pictures for Joe...look what they came back with!

Oh yeah and Joe took some videos of Tyler's swim lessons this morning.

Here she is practicing her "starfish" which is the ability to just float on your back.  I am singing the ABC's in her ear to distract her.

And here she is doing "eyes under" which means that I raise her up out of the water and then basically push her head and body under water and up through the hula hoop.

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Anonymous said...

That is really cute that Austin is so concerned for Tyler.