Friday, November 16, 2012

Pilgrims And Indians

Per Charles' request...Anne mentioned that he was concerned that Austin and Tyler did not have the Pilgrim and Indian dolls that he and his sisters made and that perhaps he could send them some of theirs.  Well instead Anne sent me the link to the dolls and we made them here.  The girls LOVED every bit of it and I made a version of Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish Grill with a peanut twist so everyone was happy. :-)

Mini-Crystal working away at her paintings.

Mini-Joe eating her apples (which happen to be her new favorite food, perhaps because she can want it, say it and then receive it...must be refreshing to her).

Joe helping show Tyler how to paint on the paper and not in her mouth.

Ol' Long Boob and her sidekick when she was done painting.

We painted for hours...Austin thought it was awesome.

And our finished troops.  Shortly after this picture was taken our living room looked like the battle at Wounded Knee with arms and headdresses everywhere.  At least they were cute for a moment. :-)


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Anne said...

Charles says : great job ladies!!! I'm glad Austin had fun painting my kids love painting too