Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh Arizona you make me so proud....

Ok that statement was literally dripping with sarcasm.

Let me get this straight Arizona passes a law that allows police to stop anyone they see fit and ask to see their proof that they are a United States citizen. Hmmmm, I read about this once. Where was it...??? Oh yeah apartheid in South Africa when the white government took over the land and wouldn't let blacks walk the streets without their "papers". Ok first off, and I will reference my Pooba for this one. I am seeing a lot of "acceptable racism" here, I would like to go on the record that racism in any form disgusts me. Secondly yes I would like for everyone to pitch in and pay their taxes just like everyone else and thus be tracked by the government just like I am. However, pulling over people with a tan in Arizona and checking for their documents is not going to solve that problem. Are these illegal immigrants looking for work, or perhaps a place to live...why can't we ask to see their paperwork then. Why not offer some sort of incentive to companies who hire people that are legitimate TAX PAYERS...let me kindly remind people that not only was my family brought here "illegally" and stayed but people all over the US don't pay their taxes...white, brown, black and purple. The issue here is not the immigration laws but rather that in this country you are innocent until proven guilty and now in the great state of pink jails you can literally be harassed for having an accent.


Josh said...

Everything you've said times one million.

Seriously, I agree that everybody should get the "opportunity" to pay taxes, and therefore reap what benefits there are. HOWEVER, taking one more step towards removing basic human rights (and decency) isn't the right way to approach it. Incentives, proper checks and balances in housing, aid, insurance and hiring, and the ability for immigrants to effectively (and efficiently) become LEGAL seem like the roads we should be taking here; running around picking on people because we don't like the way they look seems like a step towards the old days. What happens if you find an illegal immigrant? Do ya lynch them? WTF?!?

jlynn said...

There has to be a good way to make everyone in this great nation integrate in to the system. It's like the census says, we can't move forward until everyone is accounted for, or something to that effect. I personally can't remember exactly what the census says because I couldn't take it seriously after there was a box in the "race" section marked negro that you could check... what is this 1962?

Immigration is one of those ridiculous circles that you can't seems to figure out because everyone is hopping the boarders illegally because the process to come here legally takes to long, but the process takes to long because the department of naturalization has to account for all the people coming over illegally while granting citizenship. What's a nation to do?

I do believe that people shouldn't allowed to do things illegally, and I fully believe that anyone found to be here without the proper documentation should be deported do not pass go do not collect two-hundred dollars or government assistance. However, I don't think racial profiling is the right way to do it... it will just lead to the belief that it's okay to harass people as long as their not white, again what is this 1962?

In regards to what you said about your family coming over here illegally I see what you're saying, but the difference is there was a way to document European immigrants when they came over because they had to use a form or transportation to get here... boats. They documented immigrants and they unloaded, and while I'm sure that there were some that got by under the radar most were accounted for... I don't know about you but I can find my family in the records of Ellis Island. When countries share a boarder there isn't an entry point because you can cross where there is land as long as you have feets.

At any rate obviously Arizona is wrong, but we need to find a right.