Friday, May 21, 2010

It is beautiful outside!

It is beautiful outside! I am just waiting on Austin to wake up so I have someone to play with. :-)

I am in the process of a HUGE project at work and can comfortably say that I am not in over my head but I am definitely treading water. Here's to hoping that through my many owed favors and the fact that I don't ever quit, that I will come out on the other side no worse for wear. Speaking of which you wanna know what saying I like SO MUCH, it comes from that country song..."If you're walking through hell just keep on walking because the devil may not even notice you're there." Of course I use this same saying for shady neighborhoods and kiosks in the mall, but I am sure it works when you're in hell too.

I have the Run to the Shrine tomorrow morning at O'Dark Thirty. For those of you that have been to our zoo, it will be a race to the top of the Shrine at the top of the zoo. I am not sure how steep it is but I know that it will be a challenge, sounds like a great workout on a Saturday morning, well and I get to see all the animals. :-)

I got a speeding ticket yesterday. Boooo! It wasn't even like I was hot roding or anything but instead I was rolling (literally I had touched my gas in 500 yards) down Union hill when he clocked me doing 51 in a 40. He jokingly said that he gives everyone 10 miles per hour over on that hill because it's so steep and then starts pulling people over after that. Ahhhh, I'm glad I could be in that elite group. Of course my insurance card was expired too, so that added to the hilarity of the situation while my car nearly ran out of gas waiting on him to write the ticket and Austin was screaming in the back. Now I am stuck going to court....awesome!

I was probably so excited yesterday rolling down Union hill because I was carrying some of my plants for my garden which got planted yesterday while I was stomping around saying Razzle Frazzle Fritz. But now I have a strawberry patch! Yahoo!

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Anne said...

Oh STRAWBERRIES!!! So jealous.