Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm still angry...

I need to stop reading the comments on Facebook about this new law in Arizona because it is causing me to get angry over and over again.

But while I am still thinking about it...

While watching the Olympics this winter I realized what my favorite part about the opening ceremony was. And even though they played Joni Mitchell during that awesome flying part I still have to say that my favorite part is waching all the countries walk in. Because of the alphabetical nature of the lineup we go close to last, I watch as all the rest of the teams walk in. Everyone looks so similar from other countries, the Swiss are blonde and pale, the Africans dark and slender, the Asians yellowish-beige. And then the United States, we are an amazing mix of shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds. I know we are a melting pot so we should look this way but a lot of the foreign nationals play for the countries that they came from (hence the reason why I am not sure we should even be competitive in the world of hockey). So the people that make up our beautiful rainbow are in fact Americans. I can't believe in 2010 that we still have some of the issues in our country that we do, one of them being racism. I know prejudices are hard to overcome, I know I carry a lot of them and try deperately to rid them in my life. I want to teach Austin not to judge a book by it's cover and to speak with people and give them a chance before you make assumptions. Beacuse after all if you assume you just make an ass out of you and me (which is how I learned how to spell assume as a kid "ass-u-me").

And on another note, it we are going to profile people for being something that they may or may not be we need to pull over all while males between the ages of 20-40 because they have to be a serial killer. And all people with any type of Star Trek paraphernalia because they are obviously in to child pornography (Canda noticed that in 95% of the arrests made in connection with child pornography that the offenders had some sort of Star Trek gear around their house). But we can't make assumptions like this because we live in the land of possiblities and freedoms that so many before us have died to protect.

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