Thursday, May 13, 2010

Austin Talking

So a little back story first.

I was eatting lunch with a friend and her husband years back and their daughter just learned how to walk. So she would "run" up to her Dad and have him walk her around the restaurant. I remember looking at Jenn and asking doesn't it hurt your feelings that she never asks you to walk her around. She laughed so hard she almost had to excuse herself. When she stopped she said, ummm no first off she will always be my little girl and secondly (because she breastfed) I have the food. I did not understand that laughter until last night.

Austin has been saying the word Daddy, she enjoys calling just about anything Daddy except the dogs that get something more like Dad without the "Y". But last night after a very busy day at the shop so Joe was pretty run down and tired she looked at Joe and said plain as day "Daddy". She continued to say it so Joe could capture this video as he was melting on the floor. Austin was then allowed to rip his phone out of his hands and do pretty much whatever she liked. :-) We always knew that she would have her Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

So now to the part where I got to laugh. Joe sent that video out to nearly everyone in his phone. One of his friends that just had a daughter was saying that he says Daddy to his daughter a hundred times a day trying to make it her first words just to drive his wife crazy. So the friend asked Joe if it bothered me that Austin said Daddy first and not Mommy, of course Joe then passed along the question to me. Here's where I got to laugh and repeat what Jenn had told me years ago.


LauraSuz said...

I got that text and this is so cool! At least Austin's first word was one of you. MaryGrace's first true word is bye-bye. Exciting, yes, but not as exciting as "Daddy"!

Anne said...

Awwww - what a precious little voice!!! I cannot wait to hear her in person!

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...