Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fat Camp

Ahhhh, tonight is Fat Camp (The Biggest Loser)! I love Tuesday nights, even when we had a bunch of roommates I would run down the stairs in the morning asking everyone "you know what tonight is....Fat Camp, Yahoo!" and run off. Tonight is makeover week and as with most people that are carry around a lot of excess weight these people need to start looking at themselves differently on the inside and outside once the weight starts coming off.

J and I swam 22 laps this morning because in our 5am stupor we didn't remember that we were only supposed to swim 20 today. But we did it and are even starting to swim 4 laps at a time without breaks...of course we then have to take turns resuscitating each other but it's totally worth it.

And it's volleyball night, it's super windy out right now but sunny so I'll take it.

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