Monday, May 17, 2010

I cut the suckers head off...

So today was supposed to be a HUGE day here on the ranch. I was actually going to de-winterize (yes you can imagine by the made up word that I was winging it on this one) the sprinklers and let it rip. But while mowing the lawn one last time before the grand unveiling of pressurized water, I chopped one of the sprinkler heads right off with the mower. Of course now I have all new respect for the lawn mower, maybe I should treat that with a more courteous nature. Now I'm back to the drawing board and have to figure out how to replace a sprinkler head, I am sure the instructions are on Google, aren't they all?!?!

Before I put Austin down for her nap I snapped a couple of pictures of her playing with the railroad ties in the sun. She still hates the grass and if she falls down in it screams, but if she stays standing she will tolerate it. Oh yeah and there was a fundraiser out at the Big Cat Sanctuary so we all packed up and headed out there in the rain. Here's some cute pictures from that.

She is completely content if I just let her eat the grass.
She was plucking the grass out of the railroad ties that the weed wacker missed.
She really couldn't get her little walked thing going in the grass but it was worth a try.
Here she is posing a tiger. :-)
Here's one of the real lions out at the sanctuary. They were amazing!


Anonymous said...

Call Catrina McDonald (Verhey). She owns Sprinkler World on Barnes, she will help you with your sprinkler head problem. It is not that hard to fix.

Crystal said...

Well thank you Mr./Mrs. anonymous I might just have to hit her up. :-)