Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ohhh Jackson

Oh Little Boy Jackson.  Let me paint a picture for you last night.

I was sitting at the dinner table talking to Tadd and Carri who came up for an impromptu visit holding on to sweet three month old Summer.  Jackson is eating the pasta that they had brought with them and generally loving life.  Until he decided that he was done.  So he looked at me squawked his "word" and signed "all done".  Again I have Summer on my lap so I tell him wait little buddy and I'll get you down.  This was clearly the wrong answer and the orangutan picked up his spoon full of red sauce and chucked it at Summer and I.  *Insert me shaking my head here at him*.  So here we sit stained and angry, poor Summer thought she was under attack especially since for the time being she is an only child who doesn't get things thrown at her.  While we corrected Jackson and he cried, I thought to myself  "holy sh!t that's going to be us every night with our little girl on my lap (probably with a boob hanging out of my shirt) any day now".  Life is going to be interesting for sure. ;-)

After cupcakes the other night...just look at that sweet boy.  Can you see the mischievous side lurking beneath the surface?!?!  And he can reach several of the shelves in the pantry as you can clearly see here as he helps himself to Wheat Thins before dinner.

I took this picture specifically for Marmee and Poppa, since we were sitting down to do some science experiments that we received as gifts a while back (see I promised that I am trying to get better about unpacking things).  For the most part I tend to think the girls don't look much a like until I see a picture like this one and then some of their traits are unmistakably similar.


Anne said...

That story about Jackson is hilarious!!! And of course I love all the pictures I can get of all those beautiful kiddos!

Laurasuz said...

Anne always beats me to the comment section but we always have the same thing in mind, BEAUTIFUL children!!!

Carole (Mom) said...

Wow. Can't wait to be part of the fun! Maybe I'll get to wear pasta sauce too. Your kids are great!