Monday, February 22, 2016

These two...

When Austin is home she gets to be the queen, it just kind of works out that way.  Both Tyler and Jackson look up to her so much that they allow her to run the place.  So when Austin is at school it has become very interesting to watch these two develop their own relationship.

Here they are according to Jackson playing kind of the mountain and according to Tyler flying away on a rocket ship.

Look at the level of concentration on those faces while they put their Sea Monkeys in the water.  I have got to get better at pulling out special projects - these were a gift from Uncle Wells two Christmas' ago and we just now did them because Joe saw them in the storage closet.

Here is the beginning of Austin's tooth coming out.  As you can see it was definitely ready to come out an after waiting all day for it to magically fall out she eventually had to be restrained and have it yanked out before bed time.  All I could think is how hard it would be to be a nurse in a hospital, Joe and I could just over ride her and make a decision whereas those poor nurses must convince you that something is a good idea.   By the end of the day she could spin it around in her mouth and it still didn't come out, I still have no idea what was holding it in place.

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