Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Little Miss Hunter

We started the every week doctor's appointments (since I'm so old and all :-) ).  Here's little Miss Hunter's face this morning complete with an umbilical cord mounded in front of her so it's not the best picture but I sure think at least her nose looks like Tyler's.

And we got my "work through" date at work, so officially my last day with Verizon should be April 8th....however since I will be on maternity leave we are waiting to see if they can lay me off during that leave (I am voting no, but am still waiting on the official word).  I am busy applying for other jobs and still remaining picky with only really considering ones that will allow me to work from home, we'll see if I can find something else relatively quickly or if I will have to become less picky and go into the office.

Last night we went out to dinner for Tadd's birthday, it's crazy to think the very last time that we ate at this particular restaurant was for Carri's birthday dinner and I was pregnant with Jackson for that one.  Here I sit perpetually pregnant.

Look at how handsome little Jackson looks?!?!?!

Morgan was smiling, but then stopped but little Miss Summer looks cute.

 Tadd, Carri and the girls/

This was my cousin Jennifer and I back in 1986...I can't believe how much Austin and I look alike, even down to the way we hold our hands.


Anne said...

Do you get u/s every week too?!!

Crystal said...

Yep...ultrasounds, fetal monitoring for 20 minutes and all vitals every week starting at 33 weeks. I did manage to "accidentally" miss a few due to either schedule or illness but yes it is a lot of extra tests when I hit 35.

Carole (Mom) said...

I think Tyler resembles your cousin also. Is it just the dark hair? I couldn't really see little Hunter's face - maybe another pic next week? I mean since you have the fun of going every week and all.