Friday, March 18, 2016

Joe and his mini me

Joe and my Mom went to the Colorado State Capital the other day to listen in on some of the issues pertaining to our area, my Mom gets invited every year because of her titles (like this year being the treasurer for the Colorado Association of Realtors) and she gets to bring a +1.  Since Joe has been getting more and more involved in politics it was a very interesting experience for him to see so much of our state in action.

These two are just hilarious to watch, Joe and his mini me.  Every night I put Jackson in his PJ's and Joe, Jackson and myself hang out in his room for a few minutes (in what should be a wind down time but always turns into playtime).

We tried to get a picture of the super cute PJ's that Marmee and Poppa got for Jackson but he was too busy running around like a wild's the closest we came to capturing his new outfit.

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Anne said...

I totally remember the supposed to be winding down time when Charles was the one and only kid. Peter would get home and they'd start messing around, and I always knew when it was time for bed when Charles having a blast and slap-happy tired would fall over or knock his head on something. That was the official bedtime signal back in the day!