Wednesday, March 30, 2016

BPP's and Hunter

So little Miss Hunter decided to sleep during her Bio Physical Profile today (she needs to move X amount of times to pass) which unfortunately means that we have to go back in on Friday.  If she passes on Friday they will let me go until next week but if she still seems too sedentary they will kick her out.  No dilation no doctor actually laughed at me and said that he'll probably just have to give this one an eviction notice also.

They can't really get a good picture anymore of her face since it's so squished in there...but they can tell by the darker white spots on the placenta (right above her face) that it is starting to calcify.  Which apparently is completely normal because it is after all a disposable organ...but this is when they start to watch it more closely to make sure that it is still providing everything to her that she needs.


Anne said...

Thanks for the daily check-ins!! I'm eagerly awaiting some labor news. Here's hoping she gets moving (out of there) soon!!!

Laurasuz said...

What a sweet little foot though!!!! I'm glad the midwife let you go and that she'll all good! Love the updates