Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A beautiful spring day...

We have a blizzard warning starting tonight so me and kiddos spent a few hours out in the yard soaking up the sunshine before whatever happens tonight.  I am going to have to really work on my presence in the yard, I like to be able to multi task like raking or planting or puttering around as I call it but with Jackson I definitely need to pretty just be watching him and what he is doing at the moment.

 Loving the outside dirt that's for sure.

Austin is trying to show him the fine art of mixing rocks and water together.

Nope, no drowning risk there as he leans all the way into the pond.  Hence why I have to watch him so closely.

The girls got a Goldie Blox set from Aunt J last Christmas and here they are after they built it and are dunking the dog.  I loved that the instructions were pictures but you actually had to be quite observant to know what piece went where and how they all worked together.  It made my engineering brain happy to watch our girls work through it.

They were busy saying Thank you to Aunt J, thus the odd looks on both of their faces.


Anne said...

I know what you mean about multi-taking in the yard! There is definitely a phase where that's pretty much not possible, but it'll fly by.

Oooo I just noticed Hunter's carseat all ready for her behind Austin. Eek! That made me so excited! I wish I was as oblivious as I had been when Austin was born so I could just drive on out there in a week or two and meet that baby girl!

Crystal said...

Shoot Anne, just get in the car and head on out. We would love to have you. The level of chaos in our house is pretty much a constant so I don't anticipate a new baby making that better or worse. ;-)