Tuesday, November 4, 2014


November 4th - Today I am thankful for the ability to vote.  I know today is an easy one to come up with a thankful post since I choose it every voting day, but I can't help myself.  The older I have gotten the more I like to vote, from research to talking through the issues with people I enjoy everything but the political ads on TV. :-)  In fact there were actually two separate issues on our ballots this time that I needed outside opinions to help form my own, so it made it extra fun to talk through them with anyone that I could find.  We'll have to see how the polls favor the choices I made tonight.

While digging for some paints for Tyler to work with last night I came across these in a box.  Some people may recognize this first one from our wedding invites.  It took over a hundred pictures to find one that worked and I still had to borrow Tyler's head from another photo and Photoshop it in here.

One of the hundred that was just too cute.  I cannot believe how young Tyler looked here.

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