Friday, November 7, 2014

Mud & Home

November 6 - Today I am thankful that Joe has so much experience in construction.  I find myself watching a lot of You Tube videos and reading instructions but it is much nicer when someone else at least has an idea of what needs to be done.  Pretty much every wall in our house has been painted many times and in order to get a new fresh coat of paint to look nice we (read Joe) will probably have to re-texture each one.  Here is the wall in the little boys room - or as the girls have named him - Button's room.  By the way if we can't start narrowing down some names soon his name very well could end up Button.

After the first layer of texture.

And then the second layer.

November 7 - Today I am EXTREMELY thankful that I work from home.  It was supposed to be nice but has been mostly cloudy and windy all day thus making me very sleepy.  If I worked at an office I am sure by now I would be sleeping in the storage closet, but I have managed to find a ton of things around the house to keep me busy.

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Laurasuz said...

I think button is cute. It should definitely be in the running.