Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ooops - Catch Up!

November 12 - Today I am thankful for my flexible schedule.  Every Wednesday I have my biophysical profile (which we got another 8 of 8 at this week) and I have to take a few hours off to get there, get all checked out and get back home.  I have to work some off hours here and there like this week both Wednesday and Thursday night I worked until almost midnight but because of that additional work I put in everyone is very willing to let me take any time I need.

November 13 - Today I am thankful for snow days.  I still am not the biggest fan of school, and every time I start to warm up to the idea they run another active shooter drill and I am back to where I started.  At least this year we have a teacher that both Joe and I appreciate.  Even with the acceptance of school this year, on this sweet Thursday we got to stay home and enjoy a snow day.  It was fantastic!

November 14 -  Today I am thankful for family dinners.  It was Carri's birthday and Tadd organized a family dinner for her.  There never feels like enough time at these dinners, we could sit around all night and talk.  On this particular night the girls never left my Mom's lap and the food was amazing.

Look Uncle Dane even came down for the occasion.

There's the birthday girl!
 And Sunni came too!
Yep, Grandma didn't let go of them pretty much all night.
 Joe and I...not sure how Papa got out of the pictures.

November 15 - Today I thankful for gingerbread cookies.  Much like so much at the end of a pregnancy things start to change it's possibly the universes way of preparing you for the changes that are coming.  Joe is taking all of his employees out tonight for a dinner thing - but since we don't really have a babysitter and my Mom is already on call for baby time I chose to stay home with the girls.  Tadd and Carri headed up to Blackhawk, CO to go gambling and stay the night along with 25 of our friends - I REALLY wanted to go with them but Blackhawk is nearly an hour outside of Denver and being as though if I went into labor we would have to name the little guy Craps or Poker, I skipped it too.  Oh yeah and Hoss and Leslie are having their house warming party tonight but again it starts pretty late and I didn't want to drag the girls and my big ol' belly to it.  My silver lining after canceling all other plans were some delicious gingerbread cookies that the girls and I made and decorated.

I haven't even sat down yet to help decorate and they are already eating the icing. :-)
The sugar is starting to kick in. 
 No cookies would be complete without the help of the cleanup crew under the table, patiently waiting.

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Anne said...

I love your house. I love your family! And I love you too!!! Thinking about you often and so eager to meet the newest little DiFabio!!!